One of my friends sent me Angels Only Lent, about the children’s section of the Auckland Public Museum. It is creepy to have a photo of a dead woman and her baby displayed like that, I mostly understand why, but I am surprised that they actually included it rather than perhaps just having it available online! I’m defiantly not saying it should be take down or anything along those, just that I’m surprised that it was put up in the first place πŸ™‚

It is part of a large site – Cabinet of Curiosities – that looks at odder or interesting things around the city, but it is a bit light on the ground at the moment.

After reading an AskReddit post about what was supposed to be the next big thing but ended up becoming a flop I do feel sad that someone posted about Voat. I agree that Voat has gone downhill fast since the people have jumped ship and started the new version of fatpeoplehate there. Recently I’ve noticed posts making the front page of Voat from other hate groups – Niggers in particular, which is the replacement Voat group for “Coon Town” a racist part of Reddit that was among the subreddits deleted along with fatpeoplehate…

Niggers is described as being a group about:

“Race realism, pragmatism, and a sense of agency: the foundation of a proper society that lacks the negro plague. Overall we aim to achieve one thing, a law that mandates non-violent segregation between the races. Whites have their own land, and the niggers get to live with each other.”

Which is why their original group “Coon Town” was banned by Reddit in the first place and gives you an picture of what kinds of people fatpeoplehate is now bringing to Voat πŸ™ I do really think that Voat is being destroyed by hate groups and/or trolls. (I can actually picture there being a number of trolls there solely because they enjoy making trouble). Though I do think it’s pretty much at the point that if Voat survives it’s going to be solely due to the fact that they are more than willing to host and take money from people who hate a particular sub group and not just fat people but people who are racist towards Blacks like is being shown by Niggers, and I assume it’s going going to spread towards people who hate men, women, other racial groups, people who are LGBT in anyway shape or form, or anything pretty much given how bad how people can be….

The whole drama involving Fat People Hate being being banned from Reddit and heading over to Voat, (among other places), is actually highly amusing. Especially given how much money the people from FPH seem to throwing at Voat in order to get more servers up and running with all of the extra people flooding Voat all of a sudden! (Voat has been posting requests for Bitcoin donations and money via Paypal on their site). I’m just waiting for the point in time that Fat People Hate and Voat fall to pieces – assuming Voat is allowed to exist for that long, as there do seem to be rumors going around that they are being sued by the people/companies who own Reddit.

Though I would find it a lot more amusing if the people from Fat People Hate manage to drive enough money and traffic to Voat to make the site, only to have it become so poplar that they start creating the same problems for themselves again at Voat! (I’m really surprised someone hasn’t decided to take matters into their own hands and start their own completely separate FPH website, I’m not counting as they were – and still are for some bizarre reason – using the previous fatpeoplehate sub-reddit rather than creating their own 100% independant site).

Now that I think I really, really don’t understand why somebody doesn’t get off their butts and actually do the work needed to create their own FPH only type website? If someone can manage to create the new site to replace imgur for them why not a wholeΒ  site like Voat to go along with it, that’s solely FPH directed?? The rate things are going for them, Fat People Hate and Voat is going to become:-


Fat People Hate and Voat – you were supposed to be the chosen one.

One way or the other, either they are the cause of Voat going down or it’s success and finding themselves having similar problems on Voat as they are having and had on Reddit. (I guess it is very possible they case off most to all of the non-FPH users from Voat and Voat solely becomes a Fat People Hate echo chamber as a middle ground).

Some of the people at /r/fatpeoplehate are managing to seriously make me go wtf, which is a bit surprising as the whole forum is the same things over and over and over again. The Ham classification system post is one of the few ones I’ve seen there that has really made me wonder what the hell are they thinking? (Beyond the usually wondering of course). I can’t bring to believe that they actually believe all of the “hype” about being about health and it’s becoming an increasingly odd circle jerk where appearance is everything.

As someone who has lurked there for a while – in a lot of ways I’ve found it to be like a train wreck, where you just help but look – the sub does sound like a lot of the people who post there are increasingly talking each and themselves into believing worse and worse things. It has the kinds thinking the men who follow the red pill dating/sex philosophies have towards women in general and the way that guys who join subs that talk about things like that make it sound normal, reasonable, rational and an acceptable way of thinking about women.

I can’t help wondering how belonging to subs like /r/fatpeoplehate, participating in it, and wanting to belong changes the people’s basic thinking? I’m sure some of them were unpleasant/bullies to begin with. I’m also not talking about the people who belong to it who have various eating disorders, as they do a serious mental disorder relating to their own body images and while they are still mentally ill I wouldn’t expect them to be thinking 100% rationally especially when it comes to food or weight issues. But the others? I cringe when I think about how twisted their thought patterns must becoming πŸ™ The idea from the post that someone who is only slightly overweight has a horrible body would be strange for most people, especially for those of us who are not obsessed with food and who don’t believe that physically appearance is everything.

On a happier note I really like this interview with Candice Bergen about her weight and what she likes to eat! πŸ™‚