Given that I’ve just realized that I haven’t posted anything here since April I thought I better give a quick update now! I have been sick with a bad, for me, cold that means I haven’t been doing much recently. Fortunately I’ve had Penny Dreadful to watch, as I’ve been meaning to watch it for ages but I just haven’t had the free time until now.

Penny Dreadful cast

Penny Dreadful

I am a bit disappointed in it so far, the first season started very, very strongly and I absolutely loved the first episode and most of the second episode. Keeping in mind that I’ve only just finished watching the first season. It does feel as it started very strongly, with a lot of action and the plot actually moving forward. It felt as if the characters spend a lot of time just hanging around with a few short spurts of action.Given how action packed the first epsiode was it creates a different feel.

Frankenstein seems to spend a lot of time just staring at his original creature out of a window and not doing a single thing to solve the problem! The creature is following him around demanding that Frankenstein makes him a bride and the doctor just seems to spend a good five episodes staring out of a window at his creature rather than actively trying to solve the problem he has.

I am planning on watching the remaining two seasons of Penny Dreadful, on the strength of the first two episodes, and wanting to know what actually happens to them in the end. I do think it suffers from having a absolutely wonderful first episode, which it never really lived up to in the rest of the series. I am enjoying so far. It certainly helps that I’m a massive horror fan. I also think that they’ve done the whole taking characters straight from various books and thrown them together surprisingly well!

I’ve just realized how little TV of any sort I’ve been watching over the last few weeks. There really hasn’t been much I’ve wanted to see recently and days like yesterday when the weather has actually been really nice has made staying at home watching TV a waste of time. I feel as if I need to go out and take advantage of the good weather before it gets really bad and wintery, making it unpleasant doing stuff outside. I have started watching Orange is the New Black season 3 though and I am rather enjoying it.

It helps that it’s on Netflix so I can watch it whenever I want to, as I’ve stopped watching TV when it’s actually being showed on TV. (Well, expect for the news but even then I only tend to watch the first 15-25 minutes at most when I haven’t gone out). I have been struggling through Daredevil, I like it enough to not give up on it, but I’m definitely not enjoying it nearly as much as other people seem to be. I am also working my way through the second season of Homeland, which is really good.

I think the last time I actually binged watched anything was when season 4 of Wilfred came out on Netflix. A large part of that was being desperate to see the last episode and being sick enough that I couldn’t go out at all. I still think I need to get out and do more things – certainly see more shows and things like that while it’s still relatively nice out.

I’ve just watched the latest – for New Zealand – episode of Criminal Minds Season 10 and I’m highly amused that the actor who plays Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character’s husband also played Matt, (the cop who could read minds), in Heroes! πŸ™‚ I don’t think I’d have been nearly as amused as I was if I hadn’t finished watching the last season of Heroes recently though. They did a minor “You’re my hero!” joke when he first turned up on screen, which was a touch forced though and sightly too obvious.

Though so far this season the only episode I’ve really been affected by was “Nelson’s Sparrow” – where Gideon was killed and I reuse to say that I liked that episode πŸ™ That said, due to Reid being so upset about Gideon’s death has sort of dragged me into Gideon/Reid fandom, which isn’t something I’ve been into in years.

I’ve just finished watching the last episode of season 4 of Heroes, much to my surprise I manged to finish watching it relatively quickly despite it not being nearly as enjoyable as season 1 and the start of season 2. (Pre-writer’s strike of course and I actually liked Adam in it, I do think he was supposed to be one of the main new characters in season 2 before the creator decided to bring back most of the main characters from season 1 after that season had been so successful). I really don’t think I’m going to watch the rebooted version, not for a long long long time at the very least.

I was planning, and rather looking forward to, starting watching Lost – which is another popular show I’ve just never watched at all. But that really seems in bad taste at the moment πŸ™ Especially with the German flight crashing in the French alps – I just found out about the co-pilot locking the door and purposing crashing the plane this morning, which is seriously giving me the creeps πŸ™


For the first time in ages I had absolutely nothing planned to do today and I’m not entirely sure I liked it. I usually have 2 or 3 things arranged, planned or go to every day. Things likeΒ  having morning/afternoon tea and/or lunch/dinner out, there’s usually something on I can go and see or do and it does feel a touch odd having the whole day free! Even if I go to something like the Myers Park Centenary on Sunday afternoon I usually have somewhere to go and someone to meet.

I do want to go to see the World of Wearable Arts display at the Auckland Museum, but I know a few people who also want to go and I prefer going to these sorts of things with someone as I have it more enjoyable going with at least one other person, and it’s certain a lot more eating out with other people than by myself! πŸ™‚ I know the Auckland Art Gallery will have some new exhibits up soon, (assuming they don’t already, but they were still putting them up last week to replace the Light Show that finished within the last few weeks). I don’t actually mind going to the Art Gallery exhibits by myself and there are a few people I know who work in the city who I can easily arrange to meet for lunch given enough warning.

I did end up watching 2 more episodes of the 2nd season of “The Killing”, because I’mΒ desperate to know who the killer is but after 2 episodes I was thoroughly tired of watching TV πŸ™ I’ve changed my bed and done 2 loads of washing, including bringing it in and putting it away as the weather is hot and fair here at the moment. I went to the supermarket first thing this morning and have my shopping thoroughly under control at the moment. I’ve started making dinner and will have enough left overs I can freeze.

I finished watching the first season of “The Killing” last night, it’s taken me about 3 weeks to watch it as I haven’t quite been watching an episode a night. It was very good and I’m very pleased that I saw it, but… It pulled a Twin Peaks at the very end of the last episode of season 1, which is mildly annoying that I can start watching season 2 more or less straight away but would have been incredibly annoying if I’d been watching it when it first aired on TV and had been expecting the whole season to wrap up at the end of that episode, especially given how the plot had been set up during the last 2 episodes before the very end!

I do think I’m going to watch the second season in short orderΒ  though, as I really want to find out the various what happened even more now! πŸ™‚ By the time I do reach the end of the second season I’m probably going to be tired enough of it that the last 2 seasons will go somewhere on the back burner, like Heroes has been since I started watching season 3, where I watch 1-2 episodes a week until I’ve finished it completely.

I’ve been talked into going to a number of the different events for the Auckland Anniversary Weekend in the central city -which starts tomorrow. My mother is keen to go to the seafood cooking event one of the days it’s on and I’ve agreed to go with her. At the rate everything is going it’ll be on Sunday so we can stay in the city and watch the fireworks that night! At least we don’t have to hang around to midnight to see it.Given that it’s Auckland’s 175th Anniversary, there are quite a few Auckland Anniversary Weekend events on this year compared to normal, where the only I can really remember happening most years are the regattas on the gulf. (I’m sure there’s usually tons of other things on but I never go to them so…)

The weather is great here, so we shouldn’t have any problems on that end for the whole weekend πŸ™‚ It’s also getting slightly cooler and a lot less humid, making it physically pleasant to go outside now.

I’ve also started watching the first season of “The Killing”, which is actually rather good and I’m pleased I’ve started it. I am pleased I went to check the series online as I’ve found out that it pulls a “Twin peaks” and takes the first two seasons to solve the case introduced in the first episode, which would have annoyed me no end if I had gotten to the end of the first season only to find this out!

I’m catching up on all of the movies on my list on Netflix as it’s getting ridiculously long now. Given that it’s going to be Halloween on Friday I’m working my way through the horror movies at the moment. “13 Sins” was OK – it had great actors which helped massively and an interesting idea, but wasn’t nearly as good as I’d hoped it would be πŸ™ The fact that I liked the basic idea makes the poor actual story line – the ending in particular – that much more disappointing.

I’m currently watching “I Sell the Dead”, which is great (so far of course πŸ™‚ ), and unless it falls to pieces in the last half I strongly recommend. In particularly to anyone who wants to see a good horror movie πŸ™‚

Gerry has sent me the page from her website with her photos from the Auckland Art Week – we went to the K Road section together. Over lunch she told me about the sculpture on the shore show, which I would have forgotten about otherwise! It’ll be something interesting to do next month.

At the moment I’m in the process of catching up on the second season of Hannibal. It’s currently showing on New Zealand TV, so I can watch it ondemand. I’d completely forgotten about watching it the last couple of weeks so am able to watch 3 episodes in a row today πŸ™‚Β  I like Eddie Izzard and was surprised about how good I think his performance was in Hannibal – a serial killer isn’t something I could normally see him as…


I’ve just started watching season 3 of Heroes, despite the fact that I fully agree that season 2 fell to pieces after the writer’s strike – which was deeply disappointing given that season 1 and season 2 up to the writer’s strike were both absolutely wonderful! I do know that people don’t like to out right hate seasons 3 & 4 of Heroes, so I’m being to wonder if why I’m bothering with the rest of the show… πŸ™ That said, I did watch Dexter to the bitter end, despite hating season 7 with a passion & the horrible reviews, I still watched season 8.