Given that I’ve just realized that I haven’t posted anything here since April I thought I better give a quick update now! I have been sick with a bad, for me, cold that means I haven’t been doing much recently. Fortunately I’ve had Penny Dreadful to watch, as I’ve been meaning to watch it for ages but I just haven’t had the free time until now.

Penny Dreadful cast

Penny Dreadful

I am a bit disappointed in it so far, the first season started very, very strongly and I absolutely loved the first episode and most of the second episode. Keeping in mind that I’ve only just finished watching the first season. It does feel as it started very strongly, with a lot of action and the plot actually moving forward. It felt as if the characters spend a lot of time just hanging around with a few short spurts of action.Given how action packed the first epsiode was it creates a different feel.

Frankenstein seems to spend a lot of time just staring at his original creature out of a window and not doing a single thing to solve the problem! The creature is following him around demanding that Frankenstein makes him a bride and the doctor just seems to spend a good five episodes staring out of a window at his creature rather than actively trying to solve the problem he has.

I am planning on watching the remaining two seasons of Penny Dreadful, on the strength of the first two episodes, and wanting to know what actually happens to them in the end. I do think it suffers from having a absolutely wonderful first episode, which it never really lived up to in the rest of the series. I am enjoying so far. It certainly helps that I’m a massive horror fan. I also think that they’ve done the whole taking characters straight from various books and thrown them together surprisingly well!

I’ve been working on my parts of the Role Playing Game we’re writing up to put online, which has been rather nice to have something interesting I can do at home! I’m still not quite 100% over the flu and I’ve been getting tired a lot more quickly than I’d like. On Saturday evening I was out with friends and I ended up excusing myself and going home just before 9pm! Normally if we’re going out on a Friday or Saturday with dinner at a restaurant somewhere and something else on top of that – it depends on what’s on but it’s usually a live show of some sort or a movie or finding a quietish corner in in bar/pub somewhere and sitting around talking… At least we’d already finished dinner and hadn’t actually planned on doing anything else in the way of a show.

I’m well and truly well enough now to be bored senseless at home, so it’s really nice to have something I need to think about and work on! It is taking me longer than I remember essays and assignments from school or University to take, because I’m constantly going back and checking what I’ve written a few days later only to find them full of mistakes and badly written passages, which I have to correct. Plus we’re still in the middle of debates on how we’re going to actually create the layout – which has changed a couple of times already.


I’m actually starting to feel a lot better by now, I’m definitely getting over the flu I talked about here previously. I went down to the local shops to go to the supermarket and the local fruit & vege shop for the first time in ages – I had been ordering a lot of stuff I’d normally get from these places online rather than trying to go out and get them myself. Which was nice, as I don’t like ordering fresh fruit pr vegetables online unless I really have to – I like being able to pick them out myself rather being forced into taking what ever someone else randomly grabs while filling my order for me.

It mostly isn’t a problem, but short of giving them a massive list of instructions – like I want bananas that are still slightly green for starters. I also like looking at specials too, today I ended up getting a punnet of strawberries from the fruit & vege shop despite it being the middle of winter here so they’re not as nice as they would be in summer simply because I saw them and just wanted them. Given the fact that I haven’t been eating much over the last few weeks, I wasn’t going to say “No” to a punnet of strawberries. (They’re actually not that bad, no were near as nice as they would be in summer, but still good for the most part).

Not much is happening this weekend, as I don’t think I’ll be up for anything much. Plus I’d much rather let myself get 100% better so that I can enjoy things when I do get out and do things. I am upset that I’m missing the film festival that is happening at the moment πŸ™ In particular, because I know that a few friends are going to various films in it ad normally I’d be going them to see some of the films at least πŸ™

I’m currently getting the flu, which is less than fun πŸ™ It does mean that I’m not exactly in the mood for writing stuff on this blog for the time being.

Not much is happening here in Auckland this month, making me at a bit of a loose end. I’m hoping that I’m through the worst of the illnesses going around at the moment – including the virus which laid out me last week. I do think I’ll go down to Wellington next month – both to go to Te Papa and because one of my friends has just bought a new house in Wellington, which admittedly I’d really like to sticky beak and go and check it out πŸ™‚ Though, I’m planning on asking her when she’s having her house warming party and planning the trip around her party, but as she’s only just bought her new house in the last couple of weeks she’s going to need time to settle in.

The only really big thing happen here at the moment is my brother and SiL are having their house completely (and I do mean completely) redone. They’re having the roof replaced, which is a serious undertaking as they have an old (1920s/1930s?) house which has asbestos in it, which of course means it has to be removed and replaced with safer modern insulation. They’re also having the kitchen completely redone, with walls being taken out the kitchen itself made larger, a new breakfast area, and they’re also having a covered deck area built at the same time – I think the deck is the one of the reasons the roof is being redone?

Anyway, their house is being worked on for over 12 weeks. They’re certainly out of the house in a rental for 12 weeks as the bulk of the work is done. They did have the roof of their garage replaced while they were still in the house – the garage is a lot newer and wasn’t insulated with asbestos so they didn’t have to move for that part. They also had gas lines put into the house last month – for that gas water heater that’s supposed to provide limitless amounts of hot water….

I thought I would do an actual “Day in the Life” post, given the subtitle of this blog – “A Day in the Life of a Trust Fund Baby”. I also want to get in the habit of actually posting here on a regular basis πŸ™‚ I’m also going nuts stuck at home and want something, anything, to do – seriously I have NO idea what so ever how people can stay at home watching TV, playing games, on the internet and stuff like that most to all of the time. I really don’t πŸ™ Unless they’re really sick, i don’t understand how anyone could do it without going nuts and I’m sick enough at the moment that I mostly don’t want to go out and feel awful the times I do go out, but at home I’m well enough I’m bored senseless πŸ™

I was lucky in that I got my first good nights sleep last night in ages – I ended up going to bed about 9.30pmish, went to sleep straight away, and didn’t wake up once until I woke up just after 7am πŸ™‚ I had my usual toast for breakfast this morning and I had a filled roll I got from the supermarket yesterday for lunch.

Breakfast- Toast

This is my standard, no brainier breakfast πŸ™‚

Chicken Filled Roll

This is today’s lunch.

I had a couple of small glasses of coke with lunch and have been drinking water through out the day. I’m not that hungry at the moment. No idea what I’m having for dinner yet though πŸ™

I’ve been playing games on Facebook and watching various shows on Netflix in order to kill time, though they’re both getting old fast πŸ™ Though I have started watching “Lie to Me” again after a 3+ month break and am enjoying it now – I had gotten bored with it as it’s like “House” in that it’s the same basic premise over & over again so it’s not that good for watching in one sitting. I’m currently watching the 12th episode of the first season ofΒ  “Dollhouse”, which I am really enjoying – it’s a show I’ve been meaning to watch for years given how many of my friends like it, but I’m sad that I’ve essentially got only more season left to go now of it πŸ™

I’ve been reading the paper, which is nice and big as it’s the Saturday edition, shopping online,Β  and have been reading the last Sookie Stackhouse book…

So today has been very, very boring from other people’s point of view. From my point of view too unfortunately,Β especially given that’s a beautiful day out and I’d much rather be out doing things, going to shows, taking to people, you know stuff. I think it’s one of the reasons I’m so obsessed with going to shows and following things like the Art Weeks, as they give me something to do, something to focus on, give me some structure and reasons to get up in the morning rather than just random going out to lunch or random shopping πŸ™ In some ways I like having things “to do” that I have complete and utter control over.

I have the most awful timing illness wise πŸ™ I have just moved onto a bad cold now I am actually feeling more human now luckily – well enough that I’m letting my mother drag me off to go shopping this afternoon as my eyes are fine now thankfully! I’m particularly annoyed because this year’s Art Week is starting today and I’m going to have to put off doing anything related to it until next week.

Egg and Beetroot sandwich

The egg and beetroot sandwich I had for lunch today.

I am feeling better again – fortunately! – I’m still not 100% which is annoying me no end. (It’s one of those viruses so the doctor can’t give me anything for it πŸ™ ). I more or less had to go out today because I’m at the point where I needed to get a present for my mother of her birthday. At least she had told me in great detail, down to colour what she wanted, so getting it was easy at least.

As you can tell from the photo I ended up having lunch out again today, though just a vegetarian egg, beetroot and salad sandwich this time. (The chocolate and mint slice, and the biscotti in the background aren’t mine, as I bumped into some friends and they had them with coffee while I had an early lunch).

I’ve heard on the news that someone with measles went to one of the WoW shows – I’m actually incredibly pleased I ended up not going this year and having the risk that I’d have ended up at the same show as that person! I can’t remember if I’ve had measles or not, though I’m pretty certain my brother did as a kid. But the last I would have wanted was to end up getting measles.

At least my cough has pretty much cleared up by now and I haven’t had a sore throat for a couple of days, so I’m mostly back to normal by now thankfully! πŸ™‚ I’m actually pleased that I’m well enough to go out again and go do stuff as I was going nuts being at home all of the time. I’m sick of watching TV, though I have managed to power through a number of movies I’ve had on my list for months… One good thing is that SVU has had a last minute reprieve and is still up despite the other 2 L&O having been taken done yesterday.

I’m actually feeling quite well now, expect for a sore throat and a bad cough πŸ™ The cough means that I really can’t go out anywhere until it’s cleared up – I mean who wants to go out to dinner or a show with someone who is coughing all of the time?

But it does mean that I’ve had the spare time to catch on the events that are happening next month, to make sure I don’t miss anything like I did with WoW this year. One of the things is the annual Art Week here in Auckland, I went to a lot of the events in last year’s Art Week and really enjoyed it so I want to make sure that I check out the talks and walks I want to do with it this year πŸ™‚ There’s stuff going on Waiheke Island so i could that as an excuse to have a day trip out there,Β especially as I haven’t to Waiheke Island in about 8+ months…