My SiL and her best friend have decided to spend the long weekend having another Australian shopping trip, though this time they’re only going to Sidney while they went to Melbourne last time. (Which was what 2-3 months ago? Short of actually going and checking I’m not certain – but it was certainly within the last 6 moths at the most). Her mother is looking after my nieces and nephews until she gets back on Sunday, though they do have a new au pair by now.

We had a family dinner at a restaurant on Monday night – which I’m actually really pleased my SiL insisted we go to this restaurant I hadn’t been to in years, as the last time I’d gone there the food had been very very average at best, but it was great on Monday so I’m sort of assuming that they’ve got a new chief/owner since the last time went there! Anyway, on Monday my SiL was telling all of us that it had occurred to her that she’s never been to Sidney before, despite having gone to Australia a number of times before and she had decided to “correct” that!

Though given the horrible weather Australia’s been having in that area my SiL might have been better off putting off the shopping trip and not going like OMG NOW!!! And actually waited until their spring or something. I’m also not entirely how many shops are going to open there tomorrow morning – tomorrow’s Anzac Day – as if Australia is anything like New Zealand, then a lot of/all shops are going to be closed for part of tomorrow… Which would put a serious dampener on her little shopping trip. Mind you they did leave yesterday afternoon, so they’re going to have 3 full days there and I assume they’ll be be able to find something to do if shops are closed tomorrow!

Egg and Beetroot sandwich

The egg and beetroot sandwich I had for lunch today.

I am feeling better again – fortunately! – I’m still not 100% which is annoying me no end. (It’s one of those viruses so the doctor can’t give me anything for it 🙁 ). I more or less had to go out today because I’m at the point where I needed to get a present for my mother of her birthday. At least she had told me in great detail, down to colour what she wanted, so getting it was easy at least.

As you can tell from the photo I ended up having lunch out again today, though just a vegetarian egg, beetroot and salad sandwich this time. (The chocolate and mint slice, and the biscotti in the background aren’t mine, as I bumped into some friends and they had them with coffee while I had an early lunch).

I have a pretty good idea of what camera I want now, at the very least I have an extremely good idea of what features I want/need. I’ve decided I’m not going to get an expensive camera, as I really just a small/slimline one I can fit into my bag and take with me everywhere that’s better than the camera on my cell phone.

There was construction work happening at the Bayswater Marina yesterday, I managed to miss the most interesting of it if you could call any of it interesting! 🙂

I’m going to have buy a new camera soon, as my current one is on the way out 🙁 I like have an actual camera in my handbag rather than just using my phone, as cameras tend to have better quality – though I wouldn’t know about the latest iPhone. i think I’ll go out to the city and have a look around various shops tomorrow, using getting a new camera as an excuse 🙂 At the very least it’ll give me the opportunity to have lunch out on my own so I can show people here the type of things I like to eat out when I’m by myself! Basically the type of things I’m always too embarrassed to suggest eating when I’m out with people, but still love having when I have the chance!