I’ve just been sent the url for A Night in the Machine, which is the website for the Gurps based role playing a group I belong to is currently playing! I think we’re going to have to start writing up play logs for our game sessions, though I do expect being told to write them up myself if I do bring it… 🙂

That said I do think the site does need a lot of new material as it’s currently very light on the ground, especially given how long we’ve been working on material for it. An easy section to expand will be the Skills page given that we’ve done the least amount of work on that. (The various Essays actually took a lot longer than we were expecting to come up with and they’re still too short and light on the ground 🙁 ).

At least it’s going to be something interesting to work on over the next few months or so! 🙂


I’ve been working on my parts of the Role Playing Game we’re writing up to put online, which has been rather nice to have something interesting I can do at home! I’m still not quite 100% over the flu and I’ve been getting tired a lot more quickly than I’d like. On Saturday evening I was out with friends and I ended up excusing myself and going home just before 9pm! Normally if we’re going out on a Friday or Saturday with dinner at a restaurant somewhere and something else on top of that – it depends on what’s on but it’s usually a live show of some sort or a movie or finding a quietish corner in in bar/pub somewhere and sitting around talking… At least we’d already finished dinner and hadn’t actually planned on doing anything else in the way of a show.

I’m well and truly well enough now to be bored senseless at home, so it’s really nice to have something I need to think about and work on! It is taking me longer than I remember essays and assignments from school or University to take, because I’m constantly going back and checking what I’ve written a few days later only to find them full of mistakes and badly written passages, which I have to correct. Plus we’re still in the middle of debates on how we’re going to actually create the layout – which has changed a couple of times already.