After reading an AskReddit post about what was supposed to be the next big thing but ended up becoming a flop I do feel sad that someone posted about Voat. I agree that Voat has gone downhill fast since the people have jumped ship and started the new version of fatpeoplehate there. Recently I’ve noticed posts making the front page of Voat from other hate groups – Niggers in particular, which is the replacement Voat group for “Coon Town” a racist part of Reddit that was among the subreddits deleted along with fatpeoplehate…

Niggers is described as being a group about:

“Race realism, pragmatism, and a sense of agency: the foundation of a proper society that lacks the negro plague. Overall we aim to achieve one thing, a law that mandates non-violent segregation between the races. Whites have their own land, and the niggers get to live with each other.”

Which is why their original group “Coon Town” was banned by Reddit in the first place and gives you an picture of what kinds of people fatpeoplehate is now bringing to Voat 🙁 I do really think that Voat is being destroyed by hate groups and/or trolls. (I can actually picture there being a number of trolls there solely because they enjoy making trouble). Though I do think it’s pretty much at the point that if Voat survives it’s going to be solely due to the fact that they are more than willing to host and take money from people who hate a particular sub group and not just fat people but people who are racist towards Blacks like is being shown by Niggers, and I assume it’s going going to spread towards people who hate men, women, other racial groups, people who are LGBT in anyway shape or form, or anything pretty much given how bad how people can be….

Unfortunately it does look rather shaky for Voat now 🙁 The official announcement on Voat about having their servers closed down but still being up due to having the information transferred to the cloud just in time. The drama thread on Reddit. I guess it’s becoming increasing likely that the people from fat people hate are going to be the cause of Voat being taken down/failing in some way, which is annoying for the rest of us!

In a way it’s a great pity that they’ve been throwing so much money at the guy who started Voat – he said he’s gotten $(US)8,000 just from people from FPH, as it does look like that they’re going to be responsible for the site’s destitution.

With all of the drama going on Reddit over the last 36ish hours now I can’t help thinking that this is either going to make or break Voat – which is essentially a Reddit clone site made about a year ago. FPH had already been moved over there as well. Unfortunately all of the people from the now banned FPH sub Reddit are giving the Voat servers the old Reddit hug of death. IF the people running Voat can get that under control fast I do think that this going to end up making the site, believe it or not.

I can’t help wondering how much the extra servers are going to end up costing the people who do run Voat – if I remember correctly the guy who started it was and properly still is an American college student, who I assume is going to be rather on the broke side. Though if he can pull all of the FPH drama and Voat off to his advantage this could easily make him very well off financially, if not out right wealthy if he can find a company to buy it like the founders of Reddit did originally!

Though I am pleased I’m not having to deal to with all of that, I do think it would be oddly stressful and wonderful all at the same time. People are already describing Voat as a replacement for Reddit in the same way that Reddit was a replacement for Digg and with the sudden influx of new users due to Reddit banning FPH it could give Voat the kick in the arse it needed to actually make it successful, as previously people there had been complaining about the low number of new links being submitted there. (Voat was painfully quiet compared to Reddit so they did have a point).