It’s gotten to the point that Donald Trump is actually being highly entertaining here in New Zealand, rather than being a serious source of concern. I’m sure that people are still worried about him and the amount of damage he could do to the world in general and to America in particular but the fact that people like the FBI Director James Comey and Trump’s own party mate John McCain can both actively calling him out on the idiotic things he is saying in speeches or on Twitter is actually making me feel so much better it isn’t funny.

As a New Zealander it actually helps a lot that I don’t feel as if I’m in the middle of this whole mess caused by Trump and his supporters, making it easier to take a step back and actually find the whole thing incredibly amusing now. It does help that I’m really political at all, I mean I vote and pay enough attention to New Zealand politics that I think I manage to make a reasonably good choice all things considered, but I’m no where near as political as a few people I know. I think I mostly agree with Jon Favreau, (via his tweet), that “The President of the United States is a complete moron.” I tend more strongly to the view that Trump is a complete narcissist who has zero self awareness, zero empathy towards other people, and  who is becoming increasingly angry & frustrated that things are not going exactly his way now that he has become the president.

I am pleased that there are more people who are passionate about standing up to Trump than me, particularly in America making it safe to say that he’s not going unchecked by people in power like James Comey or John McCain to regular people like those people who went on the “Women’s March”….

I’ve just read a post some made on Facebook describing Trump as “Muppet Hitler”, which is amusing me no end! 🙂 As I’m not an American and can’t vote I don’t have the same stakes in the election. The most I can say is that I really don’t like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but because I can’t vote I haven’t given it any thought beyond that. This is the first time I’ve heard Trump described as Muppet Hitler, but apparently Joss Whedon described him like that! 🙂

Donald Trump is Muppet Hitler

Donald Trump is the Muppet Hitler.

This just adds to the whole spectacle of the American elections! It does mean that I’m not taking the elections seriously at all now. It’s turning into a such a circus that I can’t take it even remotely seriously. I liked Bernie Sanders and was a bit unhappy he didn’t become the candidate, but the strongest emotion I’ve felt outside finding it amusing to hilarious.

There is a video made by Wheldon, which I am aware of but never saw when it started floating around.  If Trump does win I’m not expecting him to be able to get anything done. At all.