Chris Cairns

Chris Cairns leaving the court in London.

The Chris Cairns trial does look like it’s going to be interesting to follow! I do think he’s very guilty though – I’d be annoyed if he isn’t found guilty and is then sent to jail. It is going to provide a reasonable amount of real life soap opera based entertainment over the next 6 or so weeks 🙂 I do feel sorry for his wife though, she always comes across as being very much the meek and mild one and this is going to pretty much fuck her life completely too. (I can’t actually find a copy of the interview online – the closest was this rewrite).

But it was strongly implied that they were having trouble paying their bills, including their rent, on her wages and the cleaning jobs he was able to get after being fired(?) or just leaving his previous job as a commentator with the SKY sports TV channels. The fact that stuff like this also happening to her at the same time as her husband’s trial makes her life seem particularly fucked up to be blunt 🙁

Her husband certainly isn’t coming across as being a nice person in the media. Given the share number of people saying that Chris Cairns is guilty during his trial isn’t a good look for him and one of the main reasons why I believe that he is without a shadow of the doubt guilty and that he deserves to go to jail. I don’t feel sorry for him but I do feel sorry for his wife, children and the rest of his family who are properly paying his way in London. (That’s one of the odd things I have been wondering about – how is paying for his living costs in London especially given that things like rent in London is bloody expensive and he and his wife are having trouble paying rent on one place in Auckland. Unless he’s staying for free with someone he’s got to be a painful finical drain on his family at the moment).

I had been wondering how Cameron Slater had been supporting himself while he spent so much time on his blog – the money companies and people pay him to post certain things was one obvious thing once he’d gotten popular of course. I had been assuming that he’d been supported by his wife, who I assumed worked full time so that he didn’t have to get a normal job.

I was searching for him in Google because I’d noticed that someone had found my previous post about him via the New Zealand Google and found a rather interesting request for information about him showing up on this page – Cameron Slater and benefit fraud! It’s a pity that the information wasn’t released, especially given how easily Cameron Slater finds getting information out of the Government!

That said, if he was committing benefit fraud WINZ would be on his case in a heart beat and to say that he would be in deep, deep shit with them is putting it mildly. The various news outlets would also be all over it if he was committing benefit fraud, especially given how much attention they have been giving him and Whale Oil over the past few months… Which, unfortunately, is properly earning him even more money from other parties given the increased public interest in his blog now 🙁

In case the page goes away, which I doubt admittedly, I’ve taken a screen shot of it for this post –

Cameron Slater and benefit fraud

Cameron Slater and benefit fraud.

Cameron Slater – of Whale Oil fame – managed to embarrass himself very badly on the TV3 new last night! 🙂 He was going on about how people in the Labour Party were trying to kill him by getting him to commit suicide, though he is described as “backtracking about the claims he made on the news last night in a Hearld article. It was funny to watch the Labour leader Andrew Little, essentially laugh at Cameron Slater in the next interview when responding to Cameron Slater’s claims 🙂

Oh, and I would not want to be Cameron Slater at all, given how many powerful New Zealand people are becoming increasingly pissed off with him… I mean why would anyone want to have people like John Key or Judith Collins angry with them? Especially Judith Collins given the circumstances. And of course people like the Labour party and the Greens just think he’s an absolute idiot/a complete joke! The fact that he did such a horrible job in his interview for TV last night is just another step down the road of making him a laughing stock in the public eye – seriously people in power would much rather he continues to embarrass himself badly in public, like he did yesterday, over having him commit suicide any day!

This won’t be any interest to anyone who doesn’t live in New Zealand, as while she is a socialite here, (to the point that she and her daughter Jamie had their own reality TV show), Sally Ridge is a complete and utter nobody as far as the rest of the world is concerned. Given that he was an international cricket player for the New Zealand cricket team, Adam Parore properly will be known to people who do follow international cricket.

Anyway, Sally Ridge has managed to put it bluntly, fuck things up royally for herself, by suing her ex partner Adam Parore to try and keep on getting half of the income from the company he had started while they together and she “had worked on”. She had lost very, very badly in the first court case and now he’s bankrupting her in order to get his court costs back. (A bank had joined Parore’s court case case in order to try and get the money she owes them back too).

As she doesn’t work and has never really worked – her job with Parores company was a no-show job from the way her court case against him played out so strongly against her and expect for having the failed reality show she’s essentially lived off her various partners. I am really enjoying her down fall, given how much of a try hard she is here in New Zealand.

Sally Ridge and Adam Parore court battle