I’ve had a silly run of good luck with one of those chocolate covered ice cream on a sick, (I’m not going to say which brand it is as I really don’t want this to sound like advertising! :), that’s been having one of those competitions where you have a 1 in 6 chance of winning another free ice cream and I’ve managed to win a free one 3 times in a row! Which is a stupid thing to be winning like this, but still 🙂 In case anyone’s wondering – I’ve only been having 1-2 a week over summer, so it isn’t as if I’ve 3 of them in a row today! 🙂

I was reading an interesting news article, (on the Australian ABC news site of all places), about obesity and genetics which really touched a nerve for me. In particular the last paragraph in the section I quote now:-

“Professor Lesley Campbell from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney tells Fact Check there is good evidence that between 40 and 70 per cent of a person’s weight is inherited.

“I want to let people understand the science is that obesity has high heritability and is not a ‘choice’ or ‘weak will’,” she said.

Overeating studies have shown there is as much as a fourfold difference in the amount of weight a person will gain if fed the same high calorie diet, Professor Michael Cowley, a physiologist who works at Monash University in drug development for obesity and diabetes, tells Fact Check.”

I find it interesting because from my point of view I can eat and drink whatever I want and am slim – not model thin, but definitely a LOT thinner than I’d expect! I think I’m at one extreme end of the scale metabolism and the people I’ve been following like Ragen Chastain are unlucky enough to be at the other end 🙁 Though like I have said in previous posts I have no idea how much food I tend to eat during the day, which is one of the reasons why I’m keeping track of what I’m eating, as it was pointed out to me I could be eating less than I think I do…