Easter has been quiet for the most, but a group of us are going to the opening night of Antony and Cleopatra at The Pop Up Globe tonight! 🙂 I had wanted to go and see Titus as well but we missed that one – I probably should have just gone alone.

I’m currently in the middle of this year’s Auckland Art Festival 2016 and I’ve been going to at least six different shows each week, with some variations depending on what shows they have ad what else I have to do. We did end up going to see the three “James Plays” by Rona Munro, which I really enjoyed and I ended up being pleased we decided to go see all three of them as I had been worried it might be a bit overwhelming to see all of them in less than a week.

James Plays

James Plays

There have been a lot of other shows too of course, in particular a lot of music and dance shows. I haven’t been to too many of the dance shows as I’m usually not that interested in them and only go if someone else is really keen to go to a certain show… I have pleasantly surprised by some of the shows other people have wanted to go to, which does show how high the quality the performances chosen are! 🙂

In a way I do think I’m going pleased once it’s finished on the 2oth of March, so I can a mini break and spend a week “off” expect for the standard eating out with friends or family of course. I currently don’t have much planned for the two or so weeks after the festival has ended apart from the usual family meals, a couple of meals with friends, and one party being held by another friend so by the end of that I’m going to be wishing that I had more on!

I ended up being dragged out to the Auckland Boat Show in the Wynyard Quarter this afternoon! It only cost $30 for a 4 pass but I don’t think I’ll be going back again – unless I’m dragged again of course 🙂 – but it’s cheap due to the fact that it’s really just various companies trying to see people stuff.

I took four photos of the boat show from the walkway look out place – most of it wasn’t intertesting enough to warrant taking any photos so I didn’t bother.

Auckland Boat Show

Auckland Boat Show

Auckland Boat Show

Auckland Boat Show

Auckland Boat Show

Auckland Boat Show

Auckland Boat Show

Auckland Boat Show

All you can really see are the rows of “Show Boats” I guess you’d call them that various companies are trying to sell to people… A lot of the stuff seems to be geared towards keen fishermen, who want to get their own boat.

I’ve been working on my parts of the Role Playing Game we’re writing up to put online, which has been rather nice to have something interesting I can do at home! I’m still not quite 100% over the flu and I’ve been getting tired a lot more quickly than I’d like. On Saturday evening I was out with friends and I ended up excusing myself and going home just before 9pm! Normally if we’re going out on a Friday or Saturday with dinner at a restaurant somewhere and something else on top of that – it depends on what’s on but it’s usually a live show of some sort or a movie or finding a quietish corner in in bar/pub somewhere and sitting around talking… At least we’d already finished dinner and hadn’t actually planned on doing anything else in the way of a show.

I’m well and truly well enough now to be bored senseless at home, so it’s really nice to have something I need to think about and work on! It is taking me longer than I remember essays and assignments from school or University to take, because I’m constantly going back and checking what I’ve written a few days later only to find them full of mistakes and badly written passages, which I have to correct. Plus we’re still in the middle of debates on how we’re going to actually create the layout – which has changed a couple of times already.


I’m actually starting to feel a lot better by now, I’m definitely getting over the flu I talked about here previously. I went down to the local shops to go to the supermarket and the local fruit & vege shop for the first time in ages – I had been ordering a lot of stuff I’d normally get from these places online rather than trying to go out and get them myself. Which was nice, as I don’t like ordering fresh fruit pr vegetables online unless I really have to – I like being able to pick them out myself rather being forced into taking what ever someone else randomly grabs while filling my order for me.

It mostly isn’t a problem, but short of giving them a massive list of instructions – like I want bananas that are still slightly green for starters. I also like looking at specials too, today I ended up getting a punnet of strawberries from the fruit & vege shop despite it being the middle of winter here so they’re not as nice as they would be in summer simply because I saw them and just wanted them. Given the fact that I haven’t been eating much over the last few weeks, I wasn’t going to say “No” to a punnet of strawberries. (They’re actually not that bad, no were near as nice as they would be in summer, but still good for the most part).

Not much is happening this weekend, as I don’t think I’ll be up for anything much. Plus I’d much rather let myself get 100% better so that I can enjoy things when I do get out and do things. I am upset that I’m missing the film festival that is happening at the moment 🙁 In particular, because I know that a few friends are going to various films in it ad normally I’d be going them to see some of the films at least 🙁

A group of us have decided to start playing an role playing game in an old universe we used to play in together years and years ago. (Seriously it was well over 10 years ago – getting on to 15 years? – before Gerry had moved down to Wellington and then back to Auckland again). It was set in a Universe we made up and was based on the Gurps system. It’ll be interesting to start playing in a game again, as I really haven’t played in one properly in years – as one with an on going campaign that should last for months or even years if it works well rather than games that last one session only.

As I understand it the GM is planning on re-working the Universe itself and updating it somewhat, so it won’t be quite the same game we used to play before, but that will just make it more interesting I think. There is also a lot of elbow room to set the game in different times and/or places meaning it could still be set in the same universe that we played in previous but it would be a dramatically different game for us.

I’m rather pleased to have a set game to play every week – it’s going to be every Sunday afternoon and evening, and we’ll be getting something in for dinner during the game. We always used to get pizza delivered, but we could easily do other types of food even if it meant that one of us had to go and get it. (I’ll have to ask if there are any restaurants that do good take away near them). Or even do a pot luck type meal if people get sick of having takeaways every time.

I’m definitely looking forward to it, though our GM was saying that it’ll take him a few months to get everything sorted out and set up to his satisfaction so that we can actually start playing it!

Next week in Wellington: In theory I’ll be in Wellington next week from the Tuesday to the Sunday morning – and should be back home sometime the Sunday afternoon… In theory because the weather’s horrible in the lower North Island and in the South Island at the moment, so I am worried about the flights in and out of Wellington next week 🙁 Though I had heard that the bad weather is moving up the North Island, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to fly out of Auckland and into Wellington without any problems on the Tuesday, and then the other way round on the Sunday again.

I’ve already said that I’m going on this trip because of the WW1 stuff at the Auckland Museum making me want to see the Sir Peter Jackson Anzac displays in Wellington, which admittedly I think will be a lot better than the Auckland ones. Also my friend – the one who has just bought a new house in Wellington – is having her house warming next Saturday evening and I want to be in Wellington for that too.

I’ve also arranged with her to meet up for lunch and/or dinner at least once in the days I will be Wellington, I also have a couple of other old friends I want to meet up with and one of my mother’s cousins lives in Wellington, so I will need to arrange to see her too. It’s going to be interesting to see how Wellington has changed since the last time I was there!

Apparently Jake is on one of his random restaurant things again and is starting to get groups to go to a variety of places to try out the food! We’re going to a crab place in the central city tonight, which hopefully will be good. I don’t actually mind ea food, though he was quite clear that the restaurant was a crab place and not a general sea food restaurant, which would make it more interesting! (Part of the point of going in a group is so everyone can try a wide variety of the food they make).

I had to stop and think about it, but the last time I can clearly remember having real proper crab was over twenty years ago at a Vietnamese restaurant here in Auckland. I do remember liking it, but it being incredibly fiddly to eat. It’s going to be interesting at least and it’s actually fun to do this sort of thing on a semi regular basis. I usually end up going to the same set of restaurants when I go out to eat with family, as my father can be incredibly picky about the food he eats.

My SiL and her best friend have decided to spend the long weekend having another Australian shopping trip, though this time they’re only going to Sidney while they went to Melbourne last time. (Which was what 2-3 months ago? Short of actually going and checking I’m not certain – but it was certainly within the last 6 moths at the most). Her mother is looking after my nieces and nephews until she gets back on Sunday, though they do have a new au pair by now.

We had a family dinner at a restaurant on Monday night – which I’m actually really pleased my SiL insisted we go to this restaurant I hadn’t been to in years, as the last time I’d gone there the food had been very very average at best, but it was great on Monday so I’m sort of assuming that they’ve got a new chief/owner since the last time went there! Anyway, on Monday my SiL was telling all of us that it had occurred to her that she’s never been to Sidney before, despite having gone to Australia a number of times before and she had decided to “correct” that!

Though given the horrible weather Australia’s been having in that area my SiL might have been better off putting off the shopping trip and not going like OMG NOW!!! And actually waited until their spring or something. I’m also not entirely how many shops are going to open there tomorrow morning – tomorrow’s Anzac Day – as if Australia is anything like New Zealand, then a lot of/all shops are going to be closed for part of tomorrow… Which would put a serious dampener on her little shopping trip. Mind you they did leave yesterday afternoon, so they’re going to have 3 full days there and I assume they’ll be be able to find something to do if shops are closed tomorrow!

Gerry and I have started looking for this year’s eggs in the 2015 Big Egg Hunt and have done rather well over a couple of Gerry’s lunch breaks in the city and a separate trip to the Auckland Museum. (To go see the Wearable Arts exhibit). Gerry’s Big Egg Hunt page has the photos she took.

I don’t think the eggs we’ve seen so far have been as good overall as the ones from last year – so far at least. One of my favorites though, was the egg covered in poppies in the top floor of the Museum which has the areas to do with the various war exhibits. This is it –

Big Egg Hunt - Poppy Egg

Big Egg Hunt – Poppy Egg

We’ve still got quite a few left to find in Auckland, which will provide a minor distraction 🙂 This is only the second year they’ve done this, it’s only of minor interest admittedly.