I’ve just finished watching the last episode of season 4 of Heroes, much to my surprise I manged to finish watching it relatively quickly despite it not being nearly as enjoyable as season 1 and the start of season 2. (Pre-writer’s strike of course and I actually liked Adam in it, I do think he was supposed to be one of the main new characters in season 2 before the creator decided to bring back most of the main characters from season 1 after that season had been so successful). I really don’t think I’m going to watch the rebooted version, not for a long long long time at the very least.

I was planning, and rather looking forward to, starting watching Lost – which is another popular show I’ve just never watched at all. But that really seems in bad taste at the moment 🙁 Especially with the German flight crashing in the French alps – I just found out about the co-pilot locking the door and purposing crashing the plane this morning, which is seriously giving me the creeps 🙁


After getting a rather nasty message yesterday morning my time, I was thinking about online bullies and trolls. On a basic level they do not deserve anyone’s attention, they certainly don’t deserve to get any kind of rise out of me. The fact that they have a problem with is not my problem at all. I am not going to let the arsehole who sent me the message to “Shut the Fuck Up” get to me at all or stop me from posting what I want to my own blog.

I am a million times better than that person. Anyone who enjoys hurting or trying to hurt other people does not deserve a moment of my time or thought. Whoever sent me that message is 100% the same as the people who take photos of overweight people they see in public and then post those photos in various places to make fun of, basically they aren’t a nice person and have no empathy towards other people at all.

This is just a quick note to my rl friends who will be following this I’m having problems changing the settings so anyone can post comments for some strange reasons, despite the fact that Gerry says that it looks like they’re set up exactly like her blog. Mine still won’t let people post comments unless they have a WordPress site, despite Gerry’s letting people leave comments using a name and email address… 🙁

Anyway, I’ll create users for the people I know in rl who don’t have their WordPress blogs so they can comment here – just email me!

I guess I have to start off with a general first post 🙂 I’m currently watching episode 5 of season 2 of Heroes –  I loved the first season, which I managed to watch in less than 2 weeks. I couldn’t manage to finish watching it over days rather than weeks. I know people think Heroes goes down hill massively after the first season, but I am really enjoying the second season so far…

I am planning on using this journal as my food dairy so I can prove how much I do eat on a daily basis – hopefully among other things!