I’ve just read a post some made on Facebook describing Trump as “Muppet Hitler”, which is amusing me no end! 🙂 As I’m not an American and can’t vote I don’t have the same stakes in the election. The most I can say is that I really don’t like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but because I can’t vote I haven’t given it any thought beyond that. This is the first time I’ve heard Trump described as Muppet Hitler, but apparently Joss Whedon described him like that! 🙂

Donald Trump is Muppet Hitler

Donald Trump is the Muppet Hitler.

This just adds to the whole spectacle of the American elections! It does mean that I’m not taking the elections seriously at all now. It’s turning into a such a circus that I can’t take it even remotely seriously. I liked Bernie Sanders and was a bit unhappy he didn’t become the candidate, but the strongest emotion I’ve felt outside finding it amusing to hilarious.

There is a video made by Wheldon, which I am aware of but never saw when it started floating around.  If Trump does win I’m not expecting him to be able to get anything done. At all.