I ended up having a chicken, camembert & cranberry sandwich for lunch today. It was surprisingly bland, but still nice 🙂

Chicken camembert cranberry sandwich

I do think I’m seeing a theme in my favorite types of food though – cheese! I do eat a lot of it and usually have some every day.

On a side note I haven’t taken any photos of anything I’ve eaten over the last few days despite eating out on Wednesday for my Mother’s birthday lunch, which I talked about previously here, having lunch out on Thursday with Gerry (which I am kicking myself for as she knows I’m keeping a food dairy here, meaning it would be a lot less odd taking a photo of my lunch with her), and having dinner out at a newish restaurant with my family for the combined birthday dinners yesterday evening.

Unfortunately, the weather today is awful 🙁 It’s cold , it was drizzling this morning and is outright raining by now at 3pm 🙁 Which means that it’s awful weather to be walking around various art galleries/art works and going on walks for this year’s Art Week 🙁 Fortunately on Thursday Gerry and I did manage to get to a number of the outside stuff, particularly the stuff on K Road and we tried finding some of the stuff that was supposed to be on in places like Aoetea Square for this year’s Art Week. I do regret not going down to see the stuff in the Wynyard Quarter given that the bad weather is now making it impossible to go see it, but Gerry was a tight schedule as she had to go to work of course 🙁

One good things is that my mother has decided she wants to go and see the Lights show at the art gallery at some point in time, so depending on how things work I can go with her and/or Gerry depending on when everyone can or wants to go! 🙂 Also, the art gallery shows are going to be on until the start of February, despite being an official part of art week,  so there’s no great rush to go and see it yet.

On a side note this page has some of the photos Gerry took that day- Auckland Art Week 2014.

Today is going to the first of the events for my mother’s birthday – which is on Friday and is the same as my eldest nieces birthday. My mother has decided to go to a restaurant on the Viaduct in the central city, I have no idea which one it is yet just that everyone is meeting outside the ferry terminal this morning. I was kinda hoping that she’d decide to go to this restaurant on Waiheke that is one of her (and my) favorites to go to for lunch, but some of her friends are coming to lunch too and at least one of them gets very seasick very easily so doesn’t like taking ferries anywhere.

I’m not planning on taking any photos of lunch for my food dairy today, as I think it’d be a little too awkward, especially with my mother’s friend’s there as well as family members. There’s also going to be a family dinner on Friday, to celebrate both my mother’s and my niece’s birthdays, (today’s lunch is solely for my mother’s birthday and my niece had her big birthday party with her friends & cousins over the past weekend), where young children are invited. (My nieces and nephews are not invited to lunch today, but are coming to dinner on Friday).

I’ve no real idea of how I eat on a daily basis or many calories I take in so I thought I’d a basic list in case I’m eating a LOT less than I think I’m eating on a daily and weekly basis! (I’m thinking the weekly basis to take into account the fact that I normally eat out 2-3 on a standard – ie no birthdays or special occasions –

Standard daily

1-2 cans of normal cans of coke at home = 140-280 calories a day

Breakfast almost always 2 pieces of toast with butter, Vegemite and peanut butter

Toast and Vegemite= 126

Toast and peanut butter=189ish (I think)

Glass of low fat milk=roughly 160 (calculated using the amount of calories in a standard cup of low fat milk)

Total= 475

Total for both= 615 to 755

Lunch at home is usually some of the coke already mentioned and either cheese sandwiches or a filled roll with lettuce, cheese, mayo, butter/margarine, 2 slices each of cucumber tomato & hard boiled egg.

So for the filled roll:

Roll itself= 154



Chicken breast=33ish






Running total for coke, breakfast & lunch=1072 to 1212

Dinner varies the most, but that’s the standard/normal when I’m eating at home, though I usually have snacks in the afternoon which include about a handful of chips – one of the big bags of chips takes at least a week for me to eat by myself – various fruit I have on hand – grapes properly add up the most when I have them as I tend to randomly take 4-6 of them throughout the afternoon and eat them without paying attention. When I’m at home I almost always have 4 squares of chocolate after dinner too.


I ended up going out quickly this morning and bought a chicken wrap for lunch. It wasn’t too bad, though I don’t think I’ll try it again as it was rather bland – it would be very bland if it didn’t have cheese in it 🙁

Chicken Wrap

I ended up going out today and rather than having a standard morning tea I ended up have a sausage and egg muffin combo – with a medium orange juice.

Sausage and Egg Muffin combo

Sausage and Egg Muffin combo with orange juice.

I think I’m going to try and start doing a photo based food dairy rather than the more boring written one, especially as it’ll give a better idea of how big the servings I am eating are.

I’m beginning to think I don’t have as much to say as i thought I would 🙁 Before starting this blog I would mentally “write” all this posts I would have for this blog, but now – nothing 🙁 I’m going to give the actual food journal entries a miss for now, because I think they’re boring and at the rate I’m currently going it’s be the same basic list for page after page, after page….

Anyway I had to go to the local shops this morning anyway, so I decided to buy something for lunch while I was out there as I’m getting sick of things I make at home for lunch. I got this incredibly nice cheese and ham tart from one of the  nice coffee shops there.

Ham and Cheese TartHam and Cheese Tart

I ended up having lunch out with my mother today, it was something of a last minute thing as I’ve really only been feeling well enough to go out since yesterday. I ended up getting a piece of really nice ham and tomato quiche, which came with this spicy tomato salsa, and a lemon slice. As well as my usual coke and a glass of water.

Ham Quiche, Lemon Slice & coke lunch

This is my lunch on Wednesday the 1st of October 2014. Obviously a bottle coke, a glass of water, a piece of ham and tomato quiche, and at the back a lemon slice.

I get the pack of 3 cheese and onion sandwiches on a somewhat regular basis. They use tasty cheese which is great and is needed to counter the onion they put in them.

Cheese and Onion SandwichCheese and Onion Sandwich

Given the state of the first photo – ie blurry – I’m just pleased I randomly decided to take the second one! 🙂