I’ve just watched the latest – for New Zealand – episode of Criminal Minds Season 10 and I’m highly amused that the actor who plays Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character’s husband also played Matt, (the cop who could read minds), in Heroes! 🙂 I don’t think I’d have been nearly as amused as I was if I hadn’t finished watching the last season of Heroes recently though. They did a minor “You’re my hero!” joke when he first turned up on screen, which was a touch forced though and sightly too obvious.

Though so far this season the only episode I’ve really been affected by was “Nelson’s Sparrow” – where Gideon was killed and I reuse to say that I liked that episode 🙁 That said, due to Reid being so upset about Gideon’s death has sort of dragged me into Gideon/Reid fandom, which isn’t something I’ve been into in years.