I get the pack of 3 cheese and onion sandwiches on a somewhat regular basis. They use tasty cheese which is great and is needed to counter the onion they put in them.

Cheese and Onion SandwichCheese and Onion Sandwich

Given the state of the first photo – ie blurry – I’m just pleased I randomly decided to take the second one! 🙂

I usually only go to McDonald’s when I’m having lunch by myself, as with other people we tend to go to a pub, a cafe, or to a proper restaurant. Recently I’ve been getting a combo that has a Big Mac, a cheese burger, fries and a soft drink/soda – which is what I took a photo of today.

Oddly enough having this for lunch one day last month(?) was what gave me the idea for this food dairy as I ended up siting near an obese woman eating lunch in the same food court. I was wolfing down two burgers, fries and a drink while she was only eating a home made sandwich and a bottle of water 🙁 Which made me start wondering about our different diets and if I did eat a lot more than she does and so on…

McDonald's Meal Steal

McDonald’s Meal Steal

I’m usually never that hungry first thing in the morning, so I only have a glass of milk and a couple of pieces of toast. i always butter or margarine on my toast and the vast majority of the time, (like today), I have Vegemite on one and peanut butter on the other piece.

Breakfast- Toast

This is my standard, no brainier breakfast 🙂

Breakfast- Toast

I usually also have something with caffeine in it first thing in the morning, either coffee or more often a small glass of coke. (The glass of coke is about half the size of the glass of milk in the first photo).

I greatly doubt that I’ll get around to taking photos of everything I eat for my food dairy, so I thought I’d take some “example photos” of the things I usually eat to give people a better idea of what I mean when I talk about about certain things later on…

Anyway, today I had a Chicken Filled Roll and a couple of glasses of coke for lunch. The filled roll had the bread roll, butter, mayo, lettuce, tasty cheese, cold roast chicken, tomato, cucumber, and a couple of slices of a hard boiled egg.

Chicken Filled Roll

This is today’s lunch.