I’m currently watching CNN’s breaking news coverage of Donald Trump and relating to things like the tapes he claims he recorded when talking to James Comey, executive privilege, and other things like the way that certain countries rulers could be trying to carry favor with Trump by using his hotels. Anyway, they showed a bit with Sean Spicer doing a recent media briefing and his body language was striking! Admittedly it was a bit too short to make many assumptions but he spent most of this one with his head looking at his notes and when he did look up his eyes fluttered nervously and quickly looked down again.

Then there was the hilarious bit, (which they’re showing again right), where Trump got his cabinet to “offer him effusive praise” and I agree with the CNN commentator who describes this as being “very, very strange”! The Democrat piss take CNN showed a little while ago was hilarious too πŸ™‚ Through Sean Spicer’s body language which has gotten worse, with the recent one shown on CNN showing how more anxious and withdrawn he seems to be getting makes wonder how embarrassed he is working for Trump.

Update:- The cabinet meeting, including a video, can found – Donald Trump just held the weirdest Cabinet meeting ever.

I’ve just read a post some made on Facebook describing Trump as “Muppet Hitler”, which is amusing me no end! πŸ™‚ As I’m not an American and can’t vote I don’t have the same stakes in the election. The most I can say is that I really don’t like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but because I can’t vote I haven’t given it any thought beyond that. This is the first time I’ve heard Trump described as Muppet Hitler, but apparently Joss Whedon described him like that! πŸ™‚

Donald Trump is Muppet Hitler

Donald Trump is the Muppet Hitler.

This just adds to the whole spectacle of the American elections! It does mean that I’m not taking the elections seriously at all now. It’s turning into a such a circus that I can’t take it even remotely seriously. I liked Bernie Sanders and was a bit unhappy he didn’t become the candidate, but the strongest emotion I’ve felt outside finding it amusing to hilarious.

There is a video made by Wheldon, which I am aware of but never saw when it started floating around.Β  If Trump does win I’m not expecting him to be able to get anything done. At all.

Unfortunately it does look rather shaky for Voat now πŸ™ The official announcement on Voat about having their servers closed down but still being up due to having the information transferred to the cloud just in time. The drama thread on Reddit. I guess it’s becoming increasing likely that the people from fat people hate are going to be the cause of Voat being taken down/failing in some way, which is annoying for the rest of us!

In a way it’s a great pity that they’ve been throwing so much money at the guy who started Voat – he said he’s gotten $(US)8,000 just from people from FPH, as it does look like that they’re going to be responsible for the site’s destitution.

The whole drama involving Fat People Hate being being banned from Reddit and heading over to Voat, (among other places), is actually highly amusing. Especially given how much money the people from FPH seem to throwing at Voat in order to get more servers up and running with all of the extra people flooding Voat all of a sudden! (Voat has been posting requests for Bitcoin donations and money via Paypal on their site). I’m just waiting for the point in time that Fat People Hate and Voat fall to pieces – assuming Voat is allowed to exist for that long, as there do seem to be rumors going around that they are being sued by the people/companies who own Reddit.

Though I would find it a lot more amusing if the people from Fat People Hate manage to drive enough money and traffic to Voat to make the site, only to have it become so poplar that they start creating the same problems for themselves again at Voat! (I’m really surprised someone hasn’t decided to take matters into their own hands and start their own completely separate FPH website, I’m not counting fatpeoplehate.com as they were – and still are for some bizarre reason – using the previous fatpeoplehate sub-reddit rather than creating their own 100% independant site).

Now that I think I really, really don’t understand why somebody doesn’t get off their butts and actually do the work needed to create their own FPH only type website? If someone can manage to create the new site to replace imgur for them why not a wholeΒ  site like Voat to go along with it, that’s solely FPH directed?? The rate things are going for them, Fat People Hate and Voat is going to become:-


Fat People Hate and Voat – you were supposed to be the chosen one.

One way or the other, either they are the cause of Voat going down or it’s success and finding themselves having similar problems on Voat as they are having and had on Reddit. (I guess it is very possible they case off most to all of the non-FPH users from Voat and Voat solely becomes a Fat People Hate echo chamber as a middle ground).

With all of the drama going on Reddit over the last 36ish hours now I can’t help thinking that this is either going to make or break Voat – which is essentially a Reddit clone site made about a year ago. FPH had already been moved over there as well. Unfortunately all of the people from the now banned FPH sub Reddit are giving the Voat servers the old Reddit hug of death. IF the people running Voat can get that under control fast I do think that this going to end up making the site, believe it or not.

I can’t help wondering how much the extra servers are going to end up costing the people who do run Voat – if I remember correctly the guy who started it was and properly still is an American college student, who I assume is going to be rather on the broke side. Though if he can pull all of the FPH drama and Voat off to his advantage this could easily make him very well off financially, if not out right wealthy if he can find a company to buy it like the founders of Reddit did originally!

Though I am pleased I’m not having to deal to with all of that, I do think it would be oddly stressful and wonderful all at the same time. People are already describing Voat as a replacement for Reddit in the same way that Reddit was a replacement for Digg and with the sudden influx of new users due to Reddit banning FPH it could give Voat the kick in the arse it needed to actually make it successful, as previously people there had been complaining about the low number of new links being submitted there. (Voat was painfully quiet compared to Reddit so they did have a point).