I’ve been very busy over Christmas and New Year, due to the usual things relating to the run up to Christmas and then New Year and then going away for a couple of weeks. The weather has been odd here and has only just started to get nice and hot now that I’m back home again! 🙁 Which didn’t help a holiday that was supposed to be able longing around on the beach that much.

That said I have been going swimming on Cheltenham Beach a lot over the last few days due to the high temperatures and humidity here. (At least I can’t complain about having a nice beach near my home!)

I am actually pissed off that Chris Cairns seems to have gotten off completely now that he was found not guilty in his last trial  and that man suing him has decided to drop his case against Cairns >:( The fact that he is a self absorbed narcissistic douche bag still counts for something here in New Zealand at least.

I am actually rather relieved that the weather is good today, as the weather report for today last week was for rain and thunder & lightening! 🙂 So the Franklin Road Lights are on tonight, dinner as well but we were always going to be going out for dinner tonight no matter what the weather was like.

My mother is worried about the rain traveling down the South Island this week though, as she’s going away for 5 days/4 nights later on this week and doesn’t particularly want it raining while she’s down there.

We are currently planning on doing the whole dinner in Ponsonby and the going to see the Christmas lights on Franklin Road afterwards tomorrow night… Unfortunately the weather is bad yesterday evening and most of today so far, so I’m a bit worried about the weather tomorrow. If it’s raining there won’t be much point trying to go see the lights, especially if we were going to walk rather drive passed them… But it might give us the excuse to go and see them twice – driving passes tomorrow night and then walk passed them again later on in the week when it isn’t raining! 🙂

It’s safe to say that I’m going to be incredibly busy over the next 3-4 weeks, meaning I’m not going to have much time to post here 🙁 (For those who know me in rl, I’ll have my cell phone with me at all times, so will be available via that and things like my facebook at least – will properly need to see if I can get an app of some sort so I can easily post to this blog while I’m out…)

Anyway, the family dinner on Saturday night went a lot better than the previous one – we didn’t have any angst or people starting to cry at this one which was a plus for everyone involved, especially when there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about the problems! (As much as I hate to say I’m incredibly pleased that it’s not my direct family that’s falling to pieces and it’s all related to my uncle’s wife’s side rather my blood relations). One good thing is that came across a rather good French Champagne, (ie a real  Champagne and not just a sparkling wine), which everyone seemed to like or love, so my parents have been stocking up on that.

There is going to be a trip away on someone’s boat at least once between now and Christmas, it’s just a matter of working when, where and who. My mother is going to be a bit of a problem she’s going away for 4(?) days during the 7 days before Christmas day and is only back in Auckland 2 days before Christmas itself, and my aunt & uncle are going away on their yacht to have Christmas & New Year’s away on that – my cousins are going with them for part of that time too of course. And, and, and…..

I also haven’t done any of my Christmas shopping yet. I know what I’m going to get for my parents, my brother (mostly), my eldest niece, and my nephew – everyone else is going to be a problem of some sort. And I’m knee deep in parties and dinners with friends until the new year too.



Last night went well all things considered. Unfortunately, my aunt – who is married to my mother’s youngest brother – is having serious problems with two of her sisters in relation to a few things so that was talked about a lot over dinner, making it quite depressing. Given that they were at dinner there was quite a bit of discussion of what people were doing over Christmas and new year.

I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post that my aunt and uncle have bought a new yacht, which they have described as being 5 times bigger than their older one – it’s got 2 full separate bathrooms and a number of separate cabins – so they’re keen to arrange for trips on it for pretty much every and anyone in order to show it off 🙂 They’re certainly planning either a day trip or a very short overnight type trip that would include my parents, me, and my brother & his family which would be great! 🙂 But from the sounds of things it wouldn’t happen until January at the earliest.

The last time I’ve been on a private yacht was as a young teenager – meaning it was a while ago now 🙂 – when my mother’s parents still owned one. There are plenty of islands within the Auckland harbor that would make a good day trip, assuming people don’t request a fishing trip of course.

I’ve got my first Christmas Party event as such this coming Saturday night, (the 22nd of November), as my mother’s youngest brother and his wife can’t make it to the later family party on Saturday the 6th of December. They’re really into yacht racing and the first weekend in December has one of the races they’re competing in.

This isn’t surprising as my parents are an oddity on my mother’s side as they’re the few family members on that side who are not seriously into boating/racing/own their boats or yachts. My mother’s parents had a yacht and I remember going away on it during the summer as a child. I don’t think my mother’s sister has a boat/yacht either, but my mother’s oldest brother & his wife definitely had a yacht and my uncle was seriously into racing including the professional stuff like Around the World races and the America’s Cup and things like that – his daughter (my cousin obviously) and her husband just bought their first yacht sometime earlier this year or late last year. I should actually remember when they bought it as it was a major topic of conversation for them at family dinners/gatherings, but I can’t 🙁 Of course my mother’s youngest brother & his wife currently own 2 yachts at the moment.

Anyway, at the moment I’ve definitely got 2 family related Christmas functions to go to in the next few weeks and it’s going to be very safe to say that there will be at least 2 more around Christmas itself, and it wouldn’t be out of the question to have 3 or more in the 12 or so days around Christmas itself if my aunt & uncle hold their usually party, my parents hold their usual party and other family members decided to host something as well… Hopefully I won’t be too knee deep in family related Christmas Parties as I do want to be able to get out with friends too of course 🙂

Oh and I don’t think anyone is going to be particular interested in this just yet but I have been picking at the “A Day in a Life” thing by creating the page sort of looking at what I did last Wednesday. I’m still not happy with the page itself or with the concept, so the whole things needs a lot more work.

As I feel as if I’m all over the place at the moment, I thought I would try planning the coming month more than I had been. If any of my rl friends reading this see anything I’m planning on going to tell me somehow and we could arrange to go together! 🙂

Want to go see November or December:

Franklin Road lights

Checking the Christmas Decorations in the city – and if anyone knows of any other Christmas related decorations/shows/events tell me! 🙂 (The central city Santa Parade is on the 30th of November)

Want to go see November:

The Devonport Arts Festival

The Sculpture on the Shore in Devonport (Gerry?)

The Short Film Festival

The Taste of Auckland Festival – I would definitely like some people to go with to this one so I will properly arrange something for it

Art in the Dark (Gerry again?)

This is on top of the usual going out, eating out and stuff like that of course 🙂 Have I missed anything? Or any suggestions?

There’s already stuff about the Auckland Christmas decorations on the front page of today’s Herald. It just feels far too early for Christmas stuff to be so important, though it is rather nice knowing that the big Santa and his reindeer is going up on the central city Whitcoulls shop as the Herald article was all about how it won’t be going up due to cost unless a certain amount of money was raised to pay for and it’s been on the news that it is going up.  Though given the shooting death in Canada today, the whole news about the Santa feels very unimportant and vastly premature.

The only thing I am really looking forward to Christmas wise is going to see the Franklin Road Christmas Lights again this year. I usually go at least once to see them, often twice especially if I end up going separately with family and then with friends. If I do go with family we usually go with the kids, which means we tend to go quite early when it’s still light so I like to go again after 9pm or so so I can see the lights when it’s really dark!