I’ve been very busy over Christmas and New Year, due to the usual things relating to the run up to Christmas and then New Year and then going away for a couple of weeks. The weather has been odd here and has only just started to get nice and hot now that I’m back home again! πŸ™ Which didn’t help a holiday that was supposed to be able longing around on the beach that much.

That said I have been going swimming on Cheltenham Beach a lot over the last few days due to the high temperatures and humidity here. (At least I can’t complain about having a nice beach near my home!)

I am actually pissed off that Chris Cairns seems to have gotten off completely now that he was found not guilty in his last trialΒ  and that man suing him has decided to drop his case against Cairns >:( The fact that he is a self absorbed narcissistic douche bag still counts for something here in New Zealand at least.

Today has gone really well! πŸ™‚ I do think that I’m going to have to go out of my way to do things like going swimming at the beach more often this summer.

The ice cream was great – I got my usual chocolate of course.

Given how nice, (and hot!), the weather is now I’m heading off to go swimming at Cheltenham Beach right now. Yes I do know it’s going to be knee deep in people, given the weather and the fact that it’s a Sunday afternoon – and the fact that Cheltenham is one of the few nice places to go swimming regardless of how high or low the tide happens to be – but I really want to go swimming rather go shopping or go somewhere that is inside on a day like this πŸ™‚

I’ve arranged to stop by one of friends on the way down and pick them up. I do want to do the whole ice cream thing as well – it’s a pity it’s a bit too warm to really be coffee weather, but it is perfect ice cream weather at least πŸ™‚