I really like this article where Candice Bergen talks about her views about food and her weight. Given how slim she was as an actress and model the 30-pound weight gain probably isn’t nearly as much extra weight on her than a lot of people would expect. From the photos in the article she looks she would at most be somewhere in overweight BMI range at most  –

Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen

I know this is probably old news for a lot of people, but it’s nice to see a celebrity who isn’t obsessed about staying in the very low end of normal or underweight BMI range, no matter what.

Some of the people at /r/fatpeoplehate are managing to seriously make me go wtf, which is a bit surprising as the whole forum is the same things over and over and over again. The Ham classification system post is one of the few ones I’ve seen there that has really made me wonder what the hell are they thinking? (Beyond the usually wondering of course). I can’t bring to believe that they actually believe all of the “hype” about being about health and it’s becoming an increasingly odd circle jerk where appearance is everything.

As someone who has lurked there for a while – in a lot of ways I’ve found it to be like a train wreck, where you just help but look – the sub does sound like a lot of the people who post there are increasingly talking each and themselves into believing worse and worse things. It has the kinds thinking the men who follow the red pill dating/sex philosophies have towards women in general and the way that guys who join subs that talk about things like that make it sound normal, reasonable, rational and an acceptable way of thinking about women.

I can’t help wondering how belonging to subs like /r/fatpeoplehate, participating in it, and wanting to belong changes the people’s basic thinking? I’m sure some of them were unpleasant/bullies to begin with. I’m also not talking about the people who belong to it who have various eating disorders, as they do a serious mental disorder relating to their own body images and while they are still mentally ill I wouldn’t expect them to be thinking 100% rationally especially when it comes to food or weight issues. But the others? I cringe when I think about how twisted their thought patterns must becoming 🙁 The idea from the post that someone who is only slightly overweight has a horrible body would be strange for most people, especially for those of us who are not obsessed with food and who don’t believe that physically appearance is everything.

On a happier note I really like this interview with Candice Bergen about her weight and what she likes to eat! 🙂

It’s always interesting to see the unhealthy view points on Reddit’s fatpeoplehate. There are people on places like this who show a lack of empathy towards overweight and obese people, as well as viewing dehumanizing them and viewing them as objects or “things” rather than as the human beings they are. I’m talking about the places on the Internet who claim that all people who are overweight and obese are all lacking in empathy themselves, who are all narcissistic prima donnas either demanding attention and love from everybody, (or are simply trying to take advantage of people finically). I’m sure there are some overweight and obese people who fall into this category – perhaps the same percentage as the rest of the population? – but all of them?


This post on fatpeoplehate is a prime example of how they show a complete lack of empathy towards everyone overweight or obese. I’m sure there are other types of people who go to places like fatpeoplehate, people with anorexia would be one, using places like this as another way to validate their own eating disorder(s). From this psychology article called ‘Psychotherapy with a Narcissistic Patient Using Kohut’s Self Psychology Model’ by Jamie McLean, MD “Often these patients will outwardly behave with a sense of entitlement and superiority, be dismissive of others, and often display disdainful or patronizing attitudes.” Sound familiar?


Just as some people say that parts of the body acceptance movement have gone too far in one direction, without a shadow of a doubt people like these have gone too far in the opposite direction and are doing more harm than good in this world.

Given that Ragen Chastain really isn’t giving details about her training for the Ironman I looked up what kinds of training she will be doing for it. Admittedly she’s only in the first year of a 2 year run up so most of the stats I read from other people’s training/running blogs will be more appropriate for the amount of work she has to do next year in order to be like all of the other elite athletes doing the Ironman! 🙂

Much to my horror she’s going to be running 8kms to 10kms on some days and have long runs of roughly 15 to 18/20ish kms from the looks of things on other days. Plus she going to have to her bike and swimming training on top of that too! I find the shear amount of exercise she has to do for her Ironman horrifying – I could never, ever do that kind of training myself!

I hate exercising and I haven’t been to a gym in over ten years. I do walk a lot though I don’t quite see the point of driving everywhere and as a general rule only take my car if I’m going somewhere like the supermarket or am going to a friend’s place at night time – basically times when I know I’ll be get a lot of heavy shopping/food that will need to get into the fridge/freezer fast, when I’ll be out after dark, or when I’ll be going somewhere quite a long way from home. (If I’m going out to the city for dinner I will drive down to the ferry terminal though, as I really don’t want to walk home in the middle of the night). I do try to walk as much as possible, as I don’t mind it and it means that I’m not sitting down all day : )

I have the utmost respect for anyone who can run marathons or do things like Iron Man competitions, especially given the share amount of training they have to do before hand. I was reading an article in today’s newspaper about the things a person’s body and mind goes through while they’re running a full marathon and the idea of running for that long horrifies me!

I have the utter most respect for people who do take part in these sorts of things. I mean the share amount of training Ragen Chastain is going to have to do almost every day and every week without failure would be over whelming for most people and then to do the Iron Man itself! I was looking up how much training she’s going to be doing in the run up to her Iron Man and it’s going to be a job all in and of itself for her 🙁 People are supposed to do at least 20-30 hours’ worth of training each and every week in the year before the Iron Man. The Iron Man itself can take from 7am to midnight to complete too 🙁 At least she’s doing the sensible thing by starting her training two whole years before the Iron Man, which I assume would make it easier. The share amount of exercise she’s going to be getting over these two years is going to put the vast majority of the population to shame! 🙂

Since this blog was started to show that I eat what I want, when I want, don’t exercise, and still don’t gain weight I thought I better do a post about my weight/size. I have thought posting a picture of my body to show how thin I am, but don’t particularly want one floating around the internet. Not that this blog is seen by anyone other my friends and the rare person who actually stumbles upon it though.

Anyway, I am a New Zealand size 10-12, which if I understand the differences between US and NZ sizing correctly is an American size 6-8. I am 5’5″ tall and the last time I weighed myself I was 63kgs – but that was a few years ago and I have no idea what I weigh now.

I drink soda as I never developed a taste for coffee or tea – I find very good coffee drinkable and hate tea across the board. I usually eat chips and chocolate most days. I eat out a lot as I hate cooking – I would eat out for every meal given half the chance. I love cheese and could happily live on it every single day 🙂 My favorite foods tend to Italian, Thai, and good pub food. I do eat takeaways more often that I realized before I started looking at my eating habits.

I cannot express how much I hate exercising. I haven’t had a gym membership in at about 8 or so years now and don’t play sports or anything like that either.

I get the pack of 3 cheese and onion sandwiches on a somewhat regular basis. They use tasty cheese which is great and is needed to counter the onion they put in them.

Cheese and Onion SandwichCheese and Onion Sandwich

Given the state of the first photo – ie blurry – I’m just pleased I randomly decided to take the second one! 🙂