I’m currently in the middle of this year’s Auckland Art Festival 2016 and I’ve been going to at least six different shows each week, with some variations depending on what shows they have ad what else I have to do. We did end up going to see the three “James Plays” by Rona Munro, which I really enjoyed and I ended up being pleased we decided to go see all three of them as I had been worried it might be a bit overwhelming to see all of them in less than a week.

James Plays

James Plays

There have been a lot of other shows too of course, in particular a lot of music and dance shows. I haven’t been to too many of the dance shows as I’m usually not that interested in them and only go if someone else is really keen to go to a certain show… I have pleasantly surprised by some of the shows other people have wanted to go to, which does show how high the quality the performances chosen are! 🙂

In a way I do think I’m going pleased once it’s finished on the 2oth of March, so I can a mini break and spend a week “off” expect for the standard eating out with friends or family of course. I currently don’t have much planned for the two or so weeks after the festival has ended apart from the usual family meals, a couple of meals with friends, and one party being held by another friend so by the end of that I’m going to be wishing that I had more on!

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