I’m currently watching CNN’s breaking news coverage of Donald Trump and relating to things like the tapes he claims he recorded when talking to James Comey, executive privilege, and other things like the way that certain countries rulers could be trying to carry favor with Trump by using his hotels. Anyway, they showed a bit with Sean Spicer doing a recent media briefing and his body language was striking! Admittedly it was a bit too short to make many assumptions but he spent most of this one with his head looking at his notes and when he did look up his eyes fluttered nervously and quickly looked down again.

Then there was the hilarious bit, (which they’re showing again right), where Trump got his cabinet to “offer him effusive praise” and I agree with the CNN commentator who describes this as being “very, very strange”! The Democrat piss take CNN showed a little while ago was hilarious too 🙂 Through Sean Spicer’s body language which has gotten worse, with the recent one shown on CNN showing how more anxious and withdrawn he seems to be getting makes wonder how embarrassed he is working for Trump.

Update:- The cabinet meeting, including a video, can found – Donald Trump just held the weirdest Cabinet meeting ever.