I have been thinking, vaguely admittedly given that I haven’t actually gotten around to doing anything about it yet, about a “photo a week” type thing. I definitely do think that a “photo a day” would never happen, but a photo or a set of photos once a week wouldn’t be too much to do! It’s just a matter of finding interesting things to take photos of!

Anyway. when I was on Prince’s Wharf waiting for a friend to turn up so we could go and get something for lunch during her lunch break I saw one of the Maritime Museum Boats out in the harbor and thought I’d quickly take a few photos of it. I ended up taking a few than I originally planned to because it turned around and sailed back towards Princes Wharf after sitting in the same place for about five minutes… It’s a pity today’s cloudy and overcast as it would have looked a lot nicer with a bright blue sky and water.

Maratime Museum Boat (1)Maratime Museum Boat (2)Maratime Museum Boat (3)Maratime Museum Boat (5)Maratime Museum Boat (6)Maratime Museum Boat (7)Maratime Museum Boat (8)