Chris Cairns

Chris Cairns leaving the court in London.

The Chris Cairns trial does look like it’s going to be interesting to follow! I do think he’s very guilty though – I’d be annoyed if he isn’t found guilty and is then sent to jail. It is going to provide a reasonable amount of real life soap opera based entertainment over the next 6 or so weeks 🙂 I do feel sorry for his wife though, she always comes across as being very much the meek and mild one and this is going to pretty much fuck her life completely too. (I can’t actually find a copy of the interview online – the closest was this rewrite).

But it was strongly implied that they were having trouble paying their bills, including their rent, on her wages and the cleaning jobs he was able to get after being fired(?) or just leaving his previous job as a commentator with the SKY sports TV channels. The fact that stuff like this also happening to her at the same time as her husband’s trial makes her life seem particularly fucked up to be blunt 🙁

Her husband certainly isn’t coming across as being a nice person in the media. Given the share number of people saying that Chris Cairns is guilty during his trial isn’t a good look for him and one of the main reasons why I believe that he is without a shadow of the doubt guilty and that he deserves to go to jail. I don’t feel sorry for him but I do feel sorry for his wife, children and the rest of his family who are properly paying his way in London. (That’s one of the odd things I have been wondering about – how is paying for his living costs in London especially given that things like rent in London is bloody expensive and he and his wife are having trouble paying rent on one place in Auckland. Unless he’s staying for free with someone he’s got to be a painful finical drain on his family at the moment).