After reading an AskReddit post about what was supposed to be the next big thing but ended up becoming a flop I do feel sad that someone posted about Voat. I agree that Voat has gone downhill fast since the people have jumped ship and started the new version of fatpeoplehate there. Recently I’ve noticed posts making the front page of Voat from other hate groups – Niggers in particular, which is the replacement Voat group for “Coon Town” a racist part of Reddit that was among the subreddits deleted along with fatpeoplehate…

Niggers is described as being a group about:

“Race realism, pragmatism, and a sense of agency: the foundation of a proper society that lacks the negro plague. Overall we aim to achieve one thing, a law that mandates non-violent segregation between the races. Whites have their own land, and the niggers get to live with each other.”

Which is why their original group “Coon Town” was banned by Reddit in the first place and gives you an picture of what kinds of people fatpeoplehate is now bringing to Voat 🙁 I do really think that Voat is being destroyed by hate groups and/or trolls. (I can actually picture there being a number of trolls there solely because they enjoy making trouble). Though I do think it’s pretty much at the point that if Voat survives it’s going to be solely due to the fact that they are more than willing to host and take money from people who hate a particular sub group and not just fat people but people who are racist towards Blacks like is being shown by Niggers, and I assume it’s going going to spread towards people who hate men, women, other racial groups, people who are LGBT in anyway shape or form, or anything pretty much given how bad how people can be….

I’ve been working on my parts of the Role Playing Game we’re writing up to put online, which has been rather nice to have something interesting I can do at home! I’m still not quite 100% over the flu and I’ve been getting tired a lot more quickly than I’d like. On Saturday evening I was out with friends and I ended up excusing myself and going home just before 9pm! Normally if we’re going out on a Friday or Saturday with dinner at a restaurant somewhere and something else on top of that – it depends on what’s on but it’s usually a live show of some sort or a movie or finding a quietish corner in in bar/pub somewhere and sitting around talking… At least we’d already finished dinner and hadn’t actually planned on doing anything else in the way of a show.

I’m well and truly well enough now to be bored senseless at home, so it’s really nice to have something I need to think about and work on! It is taking me longer than I remember essays and assignments from school or University to take, because I’m constantly going back and checking what I’ve written a few days later only to find them full of mistakes and badly written passages, which I have to correct. Plus we’re still in the middle of debates on how we’re going to actually create the layout – which has changed a couple of times already.