I’m actually starting to feel a lot better by now, I’m definitely getting over the flu I talked about here previously. I went down to the local shops to go to the supermarket and the local fruit & vege shop for the first time in ages – I had been ordering a lot of stuff I’d normally get from these places online rather than trying to go out and get them myself. Which was nice, as I don’t like ordering fresh fruit pr vegetables online unless I really have to – I like being able to pick them out myself rather being forced into taking what ever someone else randomly grabs while filling my order for me.

It mostly isn’t a problem, but short of giving them a massive list of instructions – like I want bananas that are still slightly green for starters. I also like looking at specials too, today I ended up getting a punnet of strawberries from the fruit & vege shop despite it being the middle of winter here so they’re not as nice as they would be in summer simply because I saw them and just wanted them. Given the fact that I haven’t been eating much over the last few weeks, I wasn’t going to say “No” to a punnet of strawberries. (They’re actually not that bad, no were near as nice as they would be in summer, but still good for the most part).

Not much is happening this weekend, as I don’t think I’ll be up for anything much. Plus I’d much rather let myself get 100% better so that I can enjoy things when I do get out and do things. I am upset that I’m missing the film festival that is happening at the moment 🙁 In particular, because I know that a few friends are going to various films in it ad normally I’d be going them to see some of the films at least 🙁

I’m currently getting the flu, which is less than fun 🙁 It does mean that I’m not exactly in the mood for writing stuff on this blog for the time being.

A group of us have decided to start playing an role playing game in an old universe we used to play in together years and years ago. (Seriously it was well over 10 years ago – getting on to 15 years? – before Gerry had moved down to Wellington and then back to Auckland again). It was set in a Universe we made up and was based on the Gurps system. It’ll be interesting to start playing in a game again, as I really haven’t played in one properly in years – as one with an on going campaign that should last for months or even years if it works well rather than games that last one session only.

As I understand it the GM is planning on re-working the Universe itself and updating it somewhat, so it won’t be quite the same game we used to play before, but that will just make it more interesting I think. There is also a lot of elbow room to set the game in different times and/or places meaning it could still be set in the same universe that we played in previous but it would be a dramatically different game for us.

I’m rather pleased to have a set game to play every week – it’s going to be every Sunday afternoon and evening, and we’ll be getting something in for dinner during the game. We always used to get pizza delivered, but we could easily do other types of food even if it meant that one of us had to go and get it. (I’ll have to ask if there are any restaurants that do good take away near them). Or even do a pot luck type meal if people get sick of having takeaways every time.

I’m definitely looking forward to it, though our GM was saying that it’ll take him a few months to get everything sorted out and set up to his satisfaction so that we can actually start playing it!