I have been thinking seriously about taking a long weekend and going down to Wellington to go see their World War 1 exhibit – the one with the work done by Sir Peter Jackson and Weta in particular, which happens to be in the old Wellington Museum and not Te Papa itself… Going to Wellington isn’t a big deal, especially given that I don’t have any kids myself, and I haven’t been down there in a couple of years now!

It doesn’t help that the Auckland Museum exhibits for World War 1 aren’t nearly as interesting as the ones in Wellington appear to be. The special exhibit for Anzac Day was that mincraft one that I’m no where near as interested in as the Weta exhibit’s in Wellington.

I must admit that I’m incredibly pleased that I didn’t go this week given the horrible weather – and the bad flooding! – that Wellington has been having recently! That is one of the problems about going to Wellington in winter, but over the last few days the weather has been worse than usual for that area!

I also want to start getting out and doing more “bigger” things, which would include a few days away out of Auckland. I mean if my SiL can randomly decide to go on shopping holidays to Australia with her friends I can start doing more travel too. I don’t think it’s helped that my brother has been talking about the kite boarding holidays he’s planning for later on this year with his friends. The had been planning on going to South America in August or September and are now planning on going to somewhere in Australia instead – possibly. Or was going kite boarding in Australia as well as South America?

Anyway I’d really like to go to Wellington and Te Papa again sooner rather than later. The Weta World War 1 exhibit in the old museum is just a good reason to get down there again.


One of my cousin’s and his girlfriend are having a baby. They’ve decided to name their baby after one of the kids from “Keeping up with the Kardashians”! 🙁 You should have seen the look on my father’s face when I told him where they had gotten the name from 😛 (I’m actually mildly embarrassed that I know the names of the kids on the show despite having never seen any of their shows).

It’s safe to say that my cousin and his 2 sisters and their children are rapidly becoming the trash end of the family – one of his sister named her baby after a color rather than a actual real name, which even her step father is renowned for making fun of her for. They’re constantly posting photos of them drinking heavily, (including drinking games like pouring bottles of alcohol down  tube into a person’s mouth despite the fact that their biological father is an alcoholic who wasn’t able to function when he was drinking at his worst and they have alcoholism on their mother’s side of the family too. They are going to inherit a massive amount of land and money from their step-father, via their mother, much to the disgust of his other relatives had been the sole beneficiaries until he starting a relationship with my cousins mother. None of them really work now, my female cousin with the color named child doesn’t even pretend to work.