My SiL and her best friend have decided to spend the long weekend having another Australian shopping trip, though this time they’re only going to Sidney while they went to Melbourne last time. (Which was what 2-3 months ago? Short of actually going and checking I’m not certain – but it was certainly within the last 6 moths at the most). Her mother is looking after my nieces and nephews until she gets back on Sunday, though they do have a new au pair by now.

We had a family dinner at a restaurant on Monday night – which I’m actually really pleased my SiL insisted we go to this restaurant I hadn’t been to in years, as the last time I’d gone there the food had been very very average at best, but it was great on Monday so I’m sort of assuming that they’ve got a new chief/owner since the last time went there! Anyway, on Monday my SiL was telling all of us that it had occurred to her that she’s never been to Sidney before, despite having gone to Australia a number of times before and she had decided to “correct” that!

Though given the horrible weather Australia’s been having in that area my SiL might have been better off putting off the shopping trip and not going like OMG NOW!!! And actually waited until their spring or something. I’m also not entirely how many shops are going to open there tomorrow morning – tomorrow’s Anzac Day – as if Australia is anything like New Zealand, then a lot of/all shops are going to be closed for part of tomorrow… Which would put a serious dampener on her little shopping trip. Mind you they did leave yesterday afternoon, so they’re going to have 3 full days there and I assume they’ll be be able to find something to do if shops are closed tomorrow!

I really like this article where Candice Bergen talks about her views about food and her weight. Given how slim she was as an actress and model the 30-pound weight gain probably isn’t nearly as much extra weight on her than a lot of people would expect. From the photos in the article she looks she would at most be somewhere in overweight BMI range at mostΒ  –

Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen

I know this is probably old news for a lot of people, but it’s nice to see a celebrity who isn’t obsessed about staying in the very low end of normal or underweight BMI range, no matter what.

Yesterday I found out that my SiL is actively trying to find a job. She hasn’t had a job since she left the sole full-time job she got straight out of University, which lasted somewhere in the 6-8 month range! (She meet and started dating my brother while they were both at University and she left her job when they moved in together). All of the money came from my brother of course so she could afford to not work. I have no idea why she’s suddenly decided to start a job hunt now after so long.

She knows someone who works at one of the Universities based in Auckland and went out to see them yesterday afternoon, apparently dressed in jeans, some sort of bright top and a very long trench coat type coat – which I’ve heard all about from my mother who ended up babysitting my nieces and nephew yesterday so my SiL could go do this… I don’t think it went well, as I ended up seeing my SiL earlier on today and she looked really unhappy or depressed which is incredibly unlike her.

I’m half assuming, knowing her personality and the way she thinks from the things she constantly talks about, that she expected to wander in to the University, see her friend, be introduced to a few people and instantly have a few jobs that she could pick and choose from. The idea that they might not have any jobs available right now, or have any jobs they’d be willing to give to her, or that she’d actually have to apply for these jobs properly just like everyone else, or that she might not be viewed as being that hireable for any type of job, properly never occurred to her! So the fact that she wasn’t offered at least one job on the spot, would have been unthinkable to her… πŸ™


I’ve just watched the latest – for New Zealand – episode of Criminal Minds Season 10 and I’m highly amused that the actor who plays Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character’s husband also played Matt, (the cop who could read minds), in Heroes! πŸ™‚ I don’t think I’d have been nearly as amused as I was if I hadn’t finished watching the last season of Heroes recently though. They did a minor “You’re my hero!” joke when he first turned up on screen, which was a touch forced though and sightly too obvious.

Though so far this season the only episode I’ve really been affected by was “Nelson’s Sparrow” – where Gideon was killed and I reuse to say that I liked that episode πŸ™ That said, due to Reid being so upset about Gideon’s death has sort of dragged me into Gideon/Reid fandom, which isn’t something I’ve been into in years.