Some of the people at /r/fatpeoplehate are managing to seriously make me go wtf, which is a bit surprising as the whole forum is the same things over and over and over again. The Ham classification system post is one of the few ones I’ve seen there that has really made me wonder what the hell are they thinking? (Beyond the usually wondering of course). I can’t bring to believe that they actually believe all of the “hype” about being about health and it’s becoming an increasingly odd circle jerk where appearance is everything.

As someone who has lurked there for a while – in a lot of ways I’ve found it to be like a train wreck, where you just help but look – the sub does sound like a lot of the people who post there are increasingly talking each and themselves into believing worse and worse things. It has the kinds thinking the men who follow the red pill dating/sex philosophies have towards women in general and the way that guys who join subs that talk about things like that make it sound normal, reasonable, rational and an acceptable way of thinking about women.

I can’t help wondering how belonging to subs like /r/fatpeoplehate, participating in it, and wanting to belong changes the people’s basic thinking? I’m sure some of them were unpleasant/bullies to begin with. I’m also not talking about the people who belong to it who have various eating disorders, as they do a serious mental disorder relating to their own body images and while they are still mentally ill I wouldn’t expect them to be thinking 100% rationally especially when it comes to food or weight issues. But the others? I cringe when I think about how twisted their thought patterns must becoming 🙁 The idea from the post that someone who is only slightly overweight has a horrible body would be strange for most people, especially for those of us who are not obsessed with food and who don’t believe that physically appearance is everything.

On a happier note I really like this interview with Candice Bergen about her weight and what she likes to eat! 🙂

I’ve just finished watching the last episode of season 4 of Heroes, much to my surprise I manged to finish watching it relatively quickly despite it not being nearly as enjoyable as season 1 and the start of season 2. (Pre-writer’s strike of course and I actually liked Adam in it, I do think he was supposed to be one of the main new characters in season 2 before the creator decided to bring back most of the main characters from season 1 after that season had been so successful). I really don’t think I’m going to watch the rebooted version, not for a long long long time at the very least.

I was planning, and rather looking forward to, starting watching Lost – which is another popular show I’ve just never watched at all. But that really seems in bad taste at the moment 🙁 Especially with the German flight crashing in the French alps – I just found out about the co-pilot locking the door and purposing crashing the plane this morning, which is seriously giving me the creeps 🙁


Gerry and I have started looking for this year’s eggs in the 2015 Big Egg Hunt and have done rather well over a couple of Gerry’s lunch breaks in the city and a separate trip to the Auckland Museum. (To go see the Wearable Arts exhibit). Gerry’s Big Egg Hunt page has the photos she took.

I don’t think the eggs we’ve seen so far have been as good overall as the ones from last year – so far at least. One of my favorites though, was the egg covered in poppies in the top floor of the Museum which has the areas to do with the various war exhibits. This is it –

Big Egg Hunt - Poppy Egg

Big Egg Hunt – Poppy Egg

We’ve still got quite a few left to find in Auckland, which will provide a minor distraction 🙂 This is only the second year they’ve done this, it’s only of minor interest admittedly.

The dinner out I was talking about in yesterday’s post actually went a lot better than I expected it to given that everyone actually turned up! (In other words my two and a half year old nephew didn’t threw enough of a fit that meant he and my SiL had to stay at home instead).

He looked incredibly unhappy the whole meal, which was made worse by the fact that we didn’t order until about 6.30ppm and he didn’t get his meal until just before 7pm when he’s usually eaten his dinner 6pm and is going to bed at 7pm! 🙁  While he and my youngest nieces had their dinners when the rest of us had our entrees, they both had to sit through the rest of us having a three course meal and we didn’t leave until about 9pm!

I do think it was mean to take my nephew to the restaurant – he would have been so much happier at home with a babysitter than being stuck sitting a restaurant having to behave himself.