Taking children everywhere is not appropriate and I’ve always wondered why some people do thing it is. Kim Kardashian with her unhappy, screaming daughter on her lap in the front row of a fashion show is a prime example. Unfortunately, my SiL is another prime example 🙁

My parents have been arranging a family meal out, (at a nice Italian restaurant), over the last couple of weeks. My youngest niece and my  two and a half year nephew WERE NOT INVITED. My youngest niece is old enough she could have coped if my parents had made a point of having an early booking – when she is invited they usually make the booking for something like 5.30pm so that’d we’d get there before the majority of the other dinners and she’d have have her dinner in front of her by 6pmish or so at the latest.

Unfortunately my mother found out that my SiL rung up the restaurant and changed my parents booking to include my youngest niece and nephew without talking to anyone about it first 🙁 Apparently my SiL is in one of of her “OMG I have to take ALL of my children with me EVERYWHERE at ALL times” things at the moment. (She does do this – once she took my nieces to one of my cousin’s weddings, despite the fact that they weren’t invited, there NO children invited at all, and there weren’t even any children in the wedding party!) My youngest niece could probably cope with it just, especially if she was taken home early. BUT my nephew is only two and a half years and is going through the prime terrible twos along with the most awful temper tantrums imaginable.

He’s already going to be tired and grumpy when we’re due to be at the restaurant as it’s near his bedtime and as he’ll be hungry too there isn’t going to end well 🙁 My father is NOT happy about this either, especially as my SiL just up and decided this on her own, as well as thinking that this kind of behavior on her part is OK. This has happened a couple of times before, the first time they ran around the restaurant as my brother and SiL refused to make them behave combined with the fact that both of them were far too young going out to a restaurant. The second time my nephew started throwing one of his  massive tantrums just as they were trying to get ready to leave so my SiL ended up staying at home with him instead – which is what I’m hoping will happen again tonight.

I actually like places like /r/creepy because I love horror movies, books, comics and so on. Things I wouldn’t get to see otherwise pops up on places like, for example this creepy post it note art work is great! This is by an artist called John Kenn and this is one of my favorite drawings by him by a country mile 🙂

Creepy Post It Note Art Work

Creepy Post It Note Art Work

One of the things I do like that subreddit is the way that it’s gore free, so I can find things like this without the standard blood and guts pictures you might get from more traditional horror movies. (Not that I don’t like traditional horror movies and the whole blood and guts genre – everything has it’s places – but I love the pieces of work that don’t relay on things that to scare people or creep them out!)

It’s also interesting to see that day-to-day things that were never meant to be creepy, but look creepy to people anyway. Or things  have become creepy to modern audiences – things like ads that were considered to be completely innocent and/or acceptable in fifty plus years ago but look quite “off” and strange to us now. I do like seeing things like the strange toys that make me wonder why anyone thought they would be suitable for children to play with! That said a lot of kids do like creepy toys in part because they are strange or creepy so it could have easily been made that way on purpose.

Things like this is one of the reasons I actually like Reddit and ignore the various subreddits that can give the site as a whole a bad name. Coming across stuff like this that I normally would never have a chance to see makes up for a lot of the bad stuff there.

I’ve just been talking to a couple of my neighbors and they’re planning on “making an appearance” at the street party this afternoon and are only planning on staying for half an hour or so. Which is actually making me feel a lot better about only planning on making a flying visit myself and it’ll be really nice being the only one who turns stays for a short period of time rather than the whole 4 or so hours it’s on and leaves!

I’m also planning on using the whole “I have something else on” excuse given that I’m going out to a friend’s place tonight. So I can make sure I’m out of there before 5.30pm at the very latest. I’m still planning on going, manly because I am curious about what is going to happen at the street party, who is gong to turn up to it, what’s going to happen and stuff like that to the point that I would feel bad if I don’t actually turn up to see what actually happens at the street party itself. It’d also be a good precedent if the party is actually any good and there are future events arranged at some point in time.

There’s going to be a party at the park at the end of the street I live on late tomorrow afternoon/early evening, (i.e. Sunday afternoon/evening), which I’m vaguely thinking about going to. I will probably turn up for about half an hour to a hour to see who else turns up and just so that I can say that I did go to it. (It’s one of those things that I don’t particularly want to to go to, but it would bug me if I don’t make an appearance for a short period at the very least).

The street I live on is mostly older retired people/couples with a reasonable number of families with children where at least one of the parents has a high paying job, and as far as I can tell from the Facebook page for it and from the people arranging it it’s mostly being run by the families. This means that I’d be an odd one out given that I don’t have any children and I don’t know the families as well as they know each other of course.

One of the things I thought was interesting was that the organisers had managed to get funding for the street party from a local community trust fund that gives money to various local events, and have been given gift certificates to one of the supermarkets to pay for some, (all?), of the food the party is providing. For some reason I had always thought that getting funding from those sorts of trust funds was like hard or something, at the very least you’d have to jump through a lot of hoops in order to get any money. Even then you’d only get any money if you were very lucky and if the money hadn’t already been unofficially earmarked for other companies/groups already! Mind you, most of the problems talked about on the news/in the newspapers have been about those awful pokie trusts, that seem to funnel money into places like the horse racing communities rather than back into the actual communities the money came from in the first place – so places like the local community trust could actually be rather decent and actually does the job it’s supposed to be doing for my local community! 🙂

For the first time in ages I had absolutely nothing planned to do today and I’m not entirely sure I liked it. I usually have 2 or 3 things arranged, planned or go to every day. Things like  having morning/afternoon tea and/or lunch/dinner out, there’s usually something on I can go and see or do and it does feel a touch odd having the whole day free! Even if I go to something like the Myers Park Centenary on Sunday afternoon I usually have somewhere to go and someone to meet.

I do want to go to see the World of Wearable Arts display at the Auckland Museum, but I know a few people who also want to go and I prefer going to these sorts of things with someone as I have it more enjoyable going with at least one other person, and it’s certain a lot more eating out with other people than by myself! 🙂 I know the Auckland Art Gallery will have some new exhibits up soon, (assuming they don’t already, but they were still putting them up last week to replace the Light Show that finished within the last few weeks). I don’t actually mind going to the Art Gallery exhibits by myself and there are a few people I know who work in the city who I can easily arrange to meet for lunch given enough warning.

I did end up watching 2 more episodes of the 2nd season of “The Killing”, because I’m desperate to know who the killer is but after 2 episodes I was thoroughly tired of watching TV 🙁 I’ve changed my bed and done 2 loads of washing, including bringing it in and putting it away as the weather is hot and fair here at the moment. I went to the supermarket first thing this morning and have my shopping thoroughly under control at the moment. I’ve started making dinner and will have enough left overs I can freeze.

I went out for lunch with my parents today, just to one of the nicer local cafes that does good food and my father likes the coffee they make – my father isn’t that keen on coffee and can be incredibly picky, the cafe we went to is one of the few places that makes coffee my father likes AND makes decent food. (There is another place that does great coffee according to my father, but it’s tiny and they have odd ideas of what makes great food as well as purposely putting too little filling into their sandwiches – the  kinds that looks like they have lots of filling from the side they have on view but the filling stops completely about half way into the sandwich itself 🙁 ).

Anyway, apparently my brother has been on a kit boarding trip to South America at least once before but it was years ago. According to my mother he’s been to the same beach he and his friends are planning on going to again in August. Which goes to show how little I can pay attention to some of the things my family get up to! 🙂 That said my brother does seem to be going away a lot, usually within New Zealand and often just for long weekends or a week away with his friends, rather than them going all the way to South America of course!

My brother is in the middle of planning a 3-4 week trip to Peru so he and his friends can go kite boarding on what he says is one of the best kit boarding beaches in the world. It’s one of the main things he’s been talking about recently – admittedly it doesn’t help that various people always ask him about it 🙂 According to him there’s this one long beach in the coast where you can be picked up by the wind and go flying down the beach for so long long you’re arms are at the point of giving up on you! (OK so that’s very second hand and I only heard him describe this once, so my version of it is properly off).

He and his two friends are going in August, when my two nieces will be in school so that my SiL, my nieces and my nephew will be staying at home rather than going with him to Peru. I had sort of been assuming that they would be going with my brother, as they often go with him when he goes on his kit boarding trips to Australia – for part of the trip if nothing else, especially as my SiL has friends who currently live in various parts of South America and she & the kids could have always gone to visit them too. She’s also pulled my eldest niece out of school for various of their overseas trips, though going for 3 or 4 weeks would be a bit much.

This is going to be one of his longest kit boarding trips, though if they’re going all the way to South America they might as well go for a decent length of time! My brother and his friends usually go to various parts of New Zealand for a long weekend to 5/7 days and to Australia for 1-2 weeks for their kit boarding holidays and this is the first time I can remember them going further afield.

I’m actually mildly jealous, as I’ve never been to Peru – I really haven’t been anywhere in South America at all. Personally, I’d love to go and see all of the historical parts of Peru.

I finished watching the first season of “The Killing” last night, it’s taken me about 3 weeks to watch it as I haven’t quite been watching an episode a night. It was very good and I’m very pleased that I saw it, but… It pulled a Twin Peaks at the very end of the last episode of season 1, which is mildly annoying that I can start watching season 2 more or less straight away but would have been incredibly annoying if I’d been watching it when it first aired on TV and had been expecting the whole season to wrap up at the end of that episode, especially given how the plot had been set up during the last 2 episodes before the very end!

I do think I’m going to watch the second season in short order  though, as I really want to find out the various what happened even more now! 🙂 By the time I do reach the end of the second season I’m probably going to be tired enough of it that the last 2 seasons will go somewhere on the back burner, like Heroes has been since I started watching season 3, where I watch 1-2 episodes a week until I’ve finished it completely.

It’s always interesting to see the unhealthy view points on Reddit’s fatpeoplehate. There are people on places like this who show a lack of empathy towards overweight and obese people, as well as viewing dehumanizing them and viewing them as objects or “things” rather than as the human beings they are. I’m talking about the places on the Internet who claim that all people who are overweight and obese are all lacking in empathy themselves, who are all narcissistic prima donnas either demanding attention and love from everybody, (or are simply trying to take advantage of people finically). I’m sure there are some overweight and obese people who fall into this category – perhaps the same percentage as the rest of the population? – but all of them?


This post on fatpeoplehate is a prime example of how they show a complete lack of empathy towards everyone overweight or obese. I’m sure there are other types of people who go to places like fatpeoplehate, people with anorexia would be one, using places like this as another way to validate their own eating disorder(s). From this psychology article called ‘Psychotherapy with a Narcissistic Patient Using Kohut’s Self Psychology Model’ by Jamie McLean, MD “Often these patients will outwardly behave with a sense of entitlement and superiority, be dismissive of others, and often display disdainful or patronizing attitudes.” Sound familiar?


Just as some people say that parts of the body acceptance movement have gone too far in one direction, without a shadow of a doubt people like these have gone too far in the opposite direction and are doing more harm than good in this world.

I’ve had a silly run of good luck with one of those chocolate covered ice cream on a sick, (I’m not going to say which brand it is as I really don’t want this to sound like advertising! :), that’s been having one of those competitions where you have a 1 in 6 chance of winning another free ice cream and I’ve managed to win a free one 3 times in a row! Which is a stupid thing to be winning like this, but still 🙂 In case anyone’s wondering – I’ve only been having 1-2 a week over summer, so it isn’t as if I’ve 3 of them in a row today! 🙂