I had been wondering how Cameron Slater had been supporting himself while he spent so much time on his blog – the money companies and people pay him to post certain things was one obvious thing once he’d gotten popular of course. I had been assuming that he’d been supported by his wife, who I assumed worked full time so that he didn’t have to get a normal job.

I was searching for him in Google because I’d noticed that someone had found my previous post about him via the New Zealand Google and found a rather interesting request for information about him showing up on this page – Cameron Slater and benefit fraud! It’s a pity that the information wasn’t released, especially given how easily Cameron Slater finds getting information out of the Government!

That said, if he was committing benefit fraud WINZ would be on his case in a heart beat and to say that he would be in deep, deep shit with them is putting it mildly. The various news outlets would also be all over it if he was committing benefit fraud, especially given how much attention they have been giving him and Whale Oil over the past few months… Which, unfortunately, is properly earning him even more money from other parties given the increased public interest in his blog now ๐Ÿ™

In case the page goes away, which I doubt admittedly, I’ve taken a screen shot of it for this post –

Cameron Slater and benefit fraud

Cameron Slater and benefit fraud.

Cameron Slater – of Whale Oil fame –ย managed toย embarrass himself very badly on the TV3 new last night! ๐Ÿ™‚ He was going on about how people in the Labour Party were trying to kill him by getting him to commit suicide, though he is described as “backtracking about the claims he made on the news last night in a Hearld article. It was funny to watch the Labour leader Andrew Little, essentially laugh at Cameron Slater in the next interview when responding to Cameron Slater’s claims ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and I would not want to be Cameron Slater at all, given how many powerful New Zealand people are becoming increasingly pissed off with him… I mean why would anyone want to have people like John Key or Judith Collins angry with them? Especially Judith Collins given the circumstances. And of course people like the Labour party and the Greens just think he’s an absolute idiot/a complete joke! The fact that he did such a horrible job in his interview for TV last night is just another step down the road of making him a laughing stock in the public eye – seriously people in power would much rather he continues to embarrass himself badly in public, like he did yesterday, over having him commit suicide any day!

Last night went well all things considered. Unfortunately, my aunt – who is married to my mother’s youngest brother – is having serious problems with two of her sisters in relation to a few things so that was talked about a lot over dinner, making it quite depressing. Given that they were at dinner there was quite a bit of discussion of what people were doing over Christmas and new year.

I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post that my aunt and uncle have bought a new yacht, which they have described as being 5 times bigger than their older one – it’s got 2 full separate bathrooms and a number of separate cabins – so they’re keen to arrange for trips on it for pretty much every and anyone in order to show it off ๐Ÿ™‚ They’re certainly planning either a day trip or a very short overnight type trip that would include my parents, me, and my brother & his family which would be great! ๐Ÿ™‚ But from the sounds of things it wouldn’t happen until January at the earliest.

The last time I’ve been on a private yacht was as a young teenager – meaning it was a while ago now ๐Ÿ™‚ – when my mother’s parents still owned one. There are plenty of islands within the Auckland harbor that would make a good day trip, assuming people don’t request a fishing trip of course.

I was just talking to my mother about the family dinner tonight and she asked me if my SiL had tried to get me to babysit today. I was right I am down on my SiL’s list of people to ask, as she had asked my mother first who told her no too before trying me… ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m assuming she tried her mother and possibly her sister before asking me as well, so she must have gotten through quite a few “Nos” before getting to mine ๐Ÿ™‚ (Of course this in relation the post I wrote yesterday about my SiL trying to get me to babysit for her).

My SiL just tried to get me to agree to babysit my nephew for 3 hours tomorrow afternoon so she can go to something she’s known about for weeks at least, and that’s assuming she hasn’t known about it for at least 1-2 months by now >:( She does have the horrible habit of asking people to do things for her at the very last minute, including looking after her kids and then try to guilt them into doing it for her. She has managed to seriously, (and I do mean seriously),ย  piss my mother off by doing this.

A prime example was during a family afternoon tea for MY birthday, when she tried to bully my mother into looking after my nieces and nephew the following day knowing full well that my mother always volunteers in one of those charity shops that week day every single week. My SiL was going on and on and on and on about how my mother should look after her grandchildren, and how she could just call in to the shop and take the day off. It got to the point that people were just sitting there staring at my SiL in increasing horror, while my SiL complexity and utterly ignored the way people were looking and kept trying to bully my mother into doing what my SiL wanted her to do. (My mother 100% refused of course, despite everything).

I’m reasonably certain that she’s left looking for a babysitter for tomorrow until today, and that I was, at least, her third or fourth “No”. (I’m assuming she would have asked my mother and her mother long before she would have even thought to ask me!)

Jake and I are going out to see the Art in the Dark show in Ponsonby tonight, as it’s the last night. (I went to see the Sculpture on the Shore show last weekend but forgot to mention it here : ) ). Jake has a new restaurant he wants to check out so we’ll be going to that before hand – I think it’s French. But we’re not planning on getting to the show itself until after 9pm, so we’ll have 2-3 hours to see it before it finishes at midnight. I’m not going to bother taking any photos of the food for my food dairy, though.

I’ve got my first Christmas Party event as such this coming Saturday night, (the 22nd of November), as my mother’s youngest brother and his wife can’t make it to the later family party on Saturday the 6th of December. They’re really intoย yacht racing and the first weekend in December has one of the races they’re competing in.

This isn’t surprising as my parents are an oddity on my mother’s side as they’re the few family members on that side who are not seriously into boating/racing/own their boats or yachts. My mother’s parents had a yacht and I remember going away on it during the summer as a child. I don’t think my mother’s sister has a boat/yacht either, but my mother’s oldest brother & his wife definitely had a yacht and my uncle was seriously into racing including the professional stuff like Around the World races and the America’s Cup and things like that – his daughter (my cousin obviously) and her husband just bought their first yacht sometime earlier this year or late last year. I should actually remember when they bought it as it was a major topic of conversation for them at family dinners/gatherings, but I can’t ๐Ÿ™ Of course my mother’s youngest brother & his wife currently own 2 yachts at the moment.

Anyway, at the moment I’ve definitely got 2 family related Christmas functions to go to in the next few weeks and it’s going to be very safe to say that there will be at least 2 more around Christmas itself, and it wouldn’t be out of the question to have 3 or more in the 12 or so days around Christmas itself if my aunt & uncle hold their usually party, my parents hold their usual party and other family members decided to host something as well… Hopefully I won’t be too knee deep in family related Christmas Parties as I do want to be able to get out with friends too of course ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh and I don’t think anyone is going to be particular interested in this just yet but I have been picking at the “A Day in a Life” thing by creating the page sort of looking at what I did last Wednesday. I’m still not happy with the page itself or with the concept, so the whole things needs a lot more work.

I ended up having a chicken, camembert & cranberry sandwich for lunch today. It was surprisingly bland, but still nice ๐Ÿ™‚

Chicken camembert cranberry sandwich

I do think I’m seeing a theme in my favorite types of food though – cheese! I do eat a lot of it and usually have some every day.

I ended up going over to the city to catch up on stuff – mostly boring stuff like going to the bank. But I did end up having a look around in case they had started to put Christmas decorations yet. I do think that Smith & Caughey is starting to create their annual Christmas display, as they had a section of their “blacked” out by ads and already have a few minor Christmas decorations up…

Obviously nothing in Aotea Square, but I did end up taking some photos of the carved arch which i’ve always thought was really well done.


I ended up going over the the Public Library and meeting Gerry during her lunch break and we went to this little chinese place for lunch.

After getting a rather nasty message yesterday morning my time, I was thinking about online bullies and trolls. On a basic level they do not deserve anyone’s attention, they certainly don’t deserve to get any kind of rise out of me. The fact that they have a problem with is not my problem at all. I am not going to let the arsehole who sent me the message to “Shut the Fuck Up” get to me at all or stop me from posting what I want to my own blog.

I am a million times better than that person. Anyone who enjoys hurting or trying to hurt other people does not deserve a moment of my time or thought. Whoever sent me that message is 100% the same as the people who take photos of overweight people they see in public and then post those photos in various places to make fun of, basically they aren’t a nice person and have no empathy towards other people at all.