As I feel as if I’m all over the place at the moment, I thought I would try planning the coming month more than I had been. If any of my rl friends reading this see anything I’m planning on going to tell me somehow and we could arrange to go together! 🙂

Want to go see November or December:

Franklin Road lights

Checking the Christmas Decorations in the city – and if anyone knows of any other Christmas related decorations/shows/events tell me! 🙂 (The central city Santa Parade is on the 30th of November)

Want to go see November:

The Devonport Arts Festival

The Sculpture on the Shore in Devonport (Gerry?)

The Short Film Festival

The Taste of Auckland Festival – I would definitely like some people to go with to this one so I will properly arrange something for it

Art in the Dark (Gerry again?)

This is on top of the usual going out, eating out and stuff like that of course 🙂 Have I missed anything? Or any suggestions?

I’m catching up on all of the movies on my list on Netflix as it’s getting ridiculously long now. Given that it’s going to be Halloween on Friday I’m working my way through the horror movies at the moment. “13 Sins” was OK – it had great actors which helped massively and an interesting idea, but wasn’t nearly as good as I’d hoped it would be 🙁 The fact that I liked the basic idea makes the poor actual story line – the ending in particular – that much more disappointing.

I’m currently watching “I Sell the Dead”, which is great (so far of course 🙂 ), and unless it falls to pieces in the last half I strongly recommend. In particularly to anyone who wants to see a good horror movie 🙂

Yesterday my mother’s cousin’s turned up well over 2 hours late, they were supposed to arrive about 4pm but didn’t arrive until about 6.15pmish! My brother and his kids left soon after, as my nephew and youngest niece were increasingly tired and grumpy. My nephew in particular as he hadn’t had a nap that afternoon and was really playing up by the time my mother’s cousins had finally arrived 🙁 Out of all of my family members I do think they are the worst by a country mile.  One of my mother’s brothers and his wife can be bad, but they are usually less than an hour late and I know my mother has a tendency to schedule family events with them 1 to 2 hours earlier than she would normally to ensure that they actually arrive roughly at the time she wants them to be there…

I’m heading to my parent’s place soon as one of my mother’s cousins and his wife are coming over for afternoon tea in theory sometime this afternoon. They are supposed to be there by 4pm but they are known – my mother’s cousin in particular – for being horribly late, so no one has any idea when they’ll actually turn up 🙁 They’ve just moved back to New Zealand, after spending the last few decades living in Singapore so they are doing the rounds with all of their friends and family who do live in Auckland.

My brother is bring my 2 nieces and nephew too, though I have no idea how long they’ll be here for especially if my mother’s cousin & his wife are running very late. I’ll have my current book and laptop with me so I’ll have things to do while we wait, but no matter what I have to leave by 6.30pm at the latest as I have plans for tonight and I have no intention of hanging around on a Saturday night. In particular given that this afternoon tea was arranged at the last minute, when I have already mad arrangements to go out tonight.

There’s already stuff about the Auckland Christmas decorations on the front page of today’s Herald. It just feels far too early for Christmas stuff to be so important, though it is rather nice knowing that the big Santa and his reindeer is going up on the central city Whitcoulls shop as the Herald article was all about how it won’t be going up due to cost unless a certain amount of money was raised to pay for and it’s been on the news that it is going up.  Though given the shooting death in Canada today, the whole news about the Santa feels very unimportant and vastly premature.

The only thing I am really looking forward to Christmas wise is going to see the Franklin Road Christmas Lights again this year. I usually go at least once to see them, often twice especially if I end up going separately with family and then with friends. If I do go with family we usually go with the kids, which means we tend to go quite early when it’s still light so I like to go again after 9pm or so so I can see the lights when it’s really dark!

My mother has just been telling me all about a shopping trip my SiL is taking to Melbourne/Sydney with some of her friends. They’re leaving on Thursday and my mother thinks they’re coming back sometime on Monday. My mother is angry because my SiL is going off on holiday without her children again for the 2nd time in 2 months. (My eldest niece is going to be at school part of the time and their au pair is looking after them the rest of the time, though I do know they will be having dinner with my parents on Thursday evening).

My SiL went to South America for a wedding last month and was gone for about two weeks that time, that time she did take her son (my nephew obviously) but my two nieces spent the whole time at home with the au pair and my brother some of the time.

Gerry has sent me the page from her website with her photos from the Auckland Art Week – we went to the K Road section together. Over lunch she told me about the sculpture on the shore show, which I would have forgotten about otherwise! It’ll be something interesting to do next month.

At the moment I’m in the process of catching up on the second season of Hannibal. It’s currently showing on New Zealand TV, so I can watch it ondemand. I’d completely forgotten about watching it the last couple of weeks so am able to watch 3 episodes in a row today 🙂  I like Eddie Izzard and was surprised about how good I think his performance was in Hannibal – a serial killer isn’t something I could normally see him as…


On a side note I haven’t taken any photos of anything I’ve eaten over the last few days despite eating out on Wednesday for my Mother’s birthday lunch, which I talked about previously here, having lunch out on Thursday with Gerry (which I am kicking myself for as she knows I’m keeping a food dairy here, meaning it would be a lot less odd taking a photo of my lunch with her), and having dinner out at a newish restaurant with my family for the combined birthday dinners yesterday evening.

Unfortunately, the weather today is awful 🙁 It’s cold , it was drizzling this morning and is outright raining by now at 3pm 🙁 Which means that it’s awful weather to be walking around various art galleries/art works and going on walks for this year’s Art Week 🙁 Fortunately on Thursday Gerry and I did manage to get to a number of the outside stuff, particularly the stuff on K Road and we tried finding some of the stuff that was supposed to be on in places like Aoetea Square for this year’s Art Week. I do regret not going down to see the stuff in the Wynyard Quarter given that the bad weather is now making it impossible to go see it, but Gerry was a tight schedule as she had to go to work of course 🙁

One good things is that my mother has decided she wants to go and see the Lights show at the art gallery at some point in time, so depending on how things work I can go with her and/or Gerry depending on when everyone can or wants to go! 🙂 Also, the art gallery shows are going to be on until the start of February, despite being an official part of art week,  so there’s no great rush to go and see it yet.

On a side note this page has some of the photos Gerry took that day- Auckland Art Week 2014.

Today is going to the first of the events for my mother’s birthday – which is on Friday and is the same as my eldest nieces birthday. My mother has decided to go to a restaurant on the Viaduct in the central city, I have no idea which one it is yet just that everyone is meeting outside the ferry terminal this morning. I was kinda hoping that she’d decide to go to this restaurant on Waiheke that is one of her (and my) favorites to go to for lunch, but some of her friends are coming to lunch too and at least one of them gets very seasick very easily so doesn’t like taking ferries anywhere.

I’m not planning on taking any photos of lunch for my food dairy today, as I think it’d be a little too awkward, especially with my mother’s friend’s there as well as family members. There’s also going to be a family dinner on Friday, to celebrate both my mother’s and my niece’s birthdays, (today’s lunch is solely for my mother’s birthday and my niece had her big birthday party with her friends & cousins over the past weekend), where young children are invited. (My nieces and nephews are not invited to lunch today, but are coming to dinner on Friday).