I get the pack of 3 cheese and onion sandwiches on a somewhat regular basis. They use tasty cheese which is great and is needed to counter the onion they put in them.

Cheese and Onion SandwichCheese and Onion Sandwich

Given the state of the first photo – ie blurry – I’m just pleased I randomly decided to take the second one! 🙂

My eldest niece is currently upset/angry/her noise put out of joint because the daughter of her families’ cleaner goes to the same school she does. Which is making the rest of the family rather uncomfortable, especially as my Sister-in-law isn’t doing anything about it. She isn’t encouraging my niece’s behavior but she also isn’t and she does have a tendency to spoil her children rotten.

I actually do think my niece would be very surprised by how well off the cleaner actually is, as a good cleaner with a number of permanent clients in the kind of areas our family lives would be paid quite a bit of money. (Seriously, a good, hard-working, reliable, honest cleaner is worth his or her weight in gold, especially if they keep on working for the same people for years at a time as hiring new cleaners is a serious pain in the arse 🙁 )

I’m actually feeling quite well now, expect for a sore throat and a bad cough 🙁 The cough means that I really can’t go out anywhere until it’s cleared up – I mean who wants to go out to dinner or a show with someone who is coughing all of the time?

But it does mean that I’ve had the spare time to catch on the events that are happening next month, to make sure I don’t miss anything like I did with WoW this year. One of the things is the annual Art Week here in Auckland, I went to a lot of the events in last year’s Art Week and really enjoyed it so I want to make sure that I check out the talks and walks I want to do with it this year 🙂 There’s stuff going on Waiheke Island so i could that as an excuse to have a day trip out there, especially as I haven’t to Waiheke Island in about 8+ months…

I’m currently sick unfortunately 🙁 I don’t think any of my posts would be that interesting at the moment and I certainly don’t want to just the same-old, same-old food dairies,especially given that I’m not eating that much at the moment 🙁

I’m also upset that I might be missing this year’s WoW in Wellington 🙁 I still have time if I get better fast and it doesn’t help that my friend who I usually go with isn’t planning on going this year. He normally goes every year like clockwork to the point that that I don’t really have to think about it – when he tells me he’s coming to New Zealand to go to WoW I normally just build my trip to see it around his schedule and we go together, often more than not with other people as well of course.

I have a pretty good idea of what camera I want now, at the very least I have an extremely good idea of what features I want/need. I’ve decided I’m not going to get an expensive camera, as I really just a small/slimline one I can fit into my bag and take with me everywhere that’s better than the camera on my cell phone.

There was construction work happening at the Bayswater Marina yesterday, I managed to miss the most interesting of it if you could call any of it interesting! 🙂

6.30am – small glass of coke

6.45am – two pieces of toast, butter, one with Vegemite and one with peanut butter

7.30am – small glass of coke and a multivitamin

11.45am – McDonalds “Meal Steal” which is a Big Mac, cheese burger, fries and a soft drink

6.30pm – cold roast chicken, cold stuffing, cold roast potatoes, tomato, cucumber, lettuce (no dressing)

7pm – 4 pieces of milk chocolate

7am – a small glass of coke

7.30am – two pieces of toast, with butter, one with Vegemite and one with peanut butter

7.50am – a small glass of coke and a multivitamin

noon – chicken and salad full roll and a small glass of coke

1pm – a small glass of coke of salt & vinegar chips

6pm – roast chicken, roast potato, roast pumpkin, peas, sage & onion stuffing, gravy, jacket kumara with butter, 2 glasses of water

Snacks – grapes

6.50am – a small glass of coke

7.15am – two pieces of toast, nutter, one with Vegemite and one with peanut butter, and a large glass of trim milk

7.30am – a small glass of coke and a multivitamin

noon – a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich, 2 glasses of water and some grapes

1pm – a glass of coke and some chips

6pm – fish and chips and 2 glasses of water

Snacks –  grapes throughout the day


I’ve managed to watch Dexter right through to the bitter end.  I ended up watching seasons 7 and 8 for two reasons – 1)  To begin with with I wanted to see what happened with Deb after the end of season 8; and 2) I wanted to see how bad the last 2 seasons were for myself, especially given that I had ended up really enjoying seasons 5 & 6 a surprising amount given that reviews seemed to say that you should stop at the end of season 4. I think that if they’d gotten rid of the cliff hanger ending of season 6, that season would have been the perfect place to finish!

That said, if I was in charge of seasons 7 & 8 and was going in knowing full well that it was going to finish at the end season 8 no matter what I would make certain changes. For both seasons I would get rid of Hannah completely, season 7 would benefit massively from not having a fourth sub-plot, even without taking other things into consideration 4 important sub-plots is far too much for a season that only lasts 12 episodes and takes away from the other story lines – in particular that seasons main “bad guys”, the Ukrainian mafia, is seriously underused because they don’t have the screen time to deal with them properly.  So the main things would be to get rid Hannah and her whole story line 100% completely and give the story involving the Ukrainian mafia a lot more time – having their story line finish in episode 11 and the LaGuerta story line in episode 12.

Season 8 would have no Hannah at all of course, meaning that Dexter would be not be caught out by the search for her and Harrison’s accident, (the accident where he had a fall and Hannah had to take him to the ER only to be recognised by a Nurse from the news reports about her after using Deb’s name & address as contact details). I’d also move the part where Deb tries to kill herself and Dexter by forcing the car they’re in, into the lake(?)/river(?) until the end of episode 12. This time I wouldn’t have anyone see the accident and as a result save her or Dexter. I would have a epilog at the end at Dexter and Deb’s funeral to confirm that they were actually dead, that nobody had worked out Dexter’s secret, that they thought the car crash was a genuine accident, and that Harrison would be going to live with his older sister & brother and their grandparents…