One of my friends sent me Angels Only Lent, about the children’s section of the Auckland Public Museum. It is creepy to have a photo of a dead woman and her baby displayed like that, I mostly understand why, but I am surprised that they actually included it rather than perhaps just having it available online! I’m defiantly not saying it should be take down or anything along those, just that I’m surprised that it was put up in the first place ๐Ÿ™‚

It is part of a large site – Cabinet of Curiosities – that looks at odder or interesting things around the city, but it is a bit light on the ground at the moment.

I’m currently watching CNN’s breaking news coverage of Donald Trump and relating to things like the tapes he claims he recorded when talking to James Comey, executive privilege, and other things like the way that certain countries rulers could be trying to carry favor with Trump by using his hotels. Anyway, they showed a bit with Sean Spicer doing a recent media briefing and his body language was striking! Admittedly it was a bit too short to make many assumptions but he spent most of this one with his head looking at his notes and when he did look up his eyes fluttered nervously and quickly looked down again.

Then there was the hilarious bit, (which they’re showing again right), where Trump got his cabinet to “offer him effusive praise” and I agree with the CNN commentator who describes this as being “very, very strange”! The Democrat piss take CNN showed a little while ago was hilarious too ๐Ÿ™‚ Through Sean Spicer’s body language which has gotten worse, with the recent one shown on CNN showing how more anxious and withdrawn he seems to be getting makes wonder how embarrassed he is working for Trump.

Update:- The cabinet meeting, including a video, can found – Donald Trump just held the weirdest Cabinet meeting ever.

It’s gotten to the point that Donald Trump is actually being highly entertaining here in New Zealand, rather than being a serious source of concern. I’m sure that people are still worried about him and the amount of damage he could do to the world in general and to America in particular but the fact that people like the FBI Director James Comey and Trump’s own party mate John McCain can both actively calling him out on the idiotic things he is saying in speeches or on Twitter is actually making me feel so much better it isn’t funny.

As a New Zealander it actually helps a lot that I don’t feel as if I’m in the middle of this whole mess caused by Trump and his supporters, making it easier to take a step back and actually find the whole thing incredibly amusing now. It does help that I’m really political at all, I mean I vote and pay enough attention to New Zealand politics that I think I manage to make a reasonably good choice all things considered, but I’m no where near as political as a few people I know. I think I mostly agree withย Jon Favreau, (via his tweet), that “The President of the United States is a complete moron.” I tend more strongly to the view that Trump is a complete narcissist who has zero self awareness, zero empathy towards other people, andย  who is becoming increasingly angry & frustrated that things are not going exactly his way now that he has become the president.

I am pleased that there are more people who are passionate about standing up to Trump than me, particularly in America making it safe to say that he’s not going unchecked by people in power like James Comey or John McCain to regular people like those people who went on the “Women’s March”….

I’ve just read a post some made on Facebook describing Trump as “Muppet Hitler”, which is amusing me no end! ๐Ÿ™‚ As I’m not an American and can’t vote I don’t have the same stakes in the election. The most I can say is that I really don’t like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but because I can’t vote I haven’t given it any thought beyond that. This is the first time I’ve heard Trump described as Muppet Hitler, but apparently Joss Whedon described him like that! ๐Ÿ™‚

Donald Trump is Muppet Hitler

Donald Trump is the Muppet Hitler.

This just adds to the whole spectacle of the American elections! It does mean that I’m not taking the elections seriously at all now. It’s turning into a such a circus that I can’t take it even remotely seriously. I liked Bernie Sanders and was a bit unhappy he didn’t become the candidate, but the strongest emotion I’ve felt outside finding it amusing to hilarious.

There is a video made by Wheldon, which I am aware of but never saw when it started floating around.ย  If Trump does win I’m not expecting him to be able to get anything done. At all.

Given that I’ve just realized that I haven’t posted anything here since April I thought I better give a quick update now! I have been sick with a bad, for me, cold that means I haven’t been doing much recently. Fortunately I’ve had Penny Dreadful to watch, as I’ve been meaning to watch it for ages but I just haven’t had the free time until now.

Penny Dreadful cast

Penny Dreadful

I am a bit disappointed in it so far, the first season started very, very strongly and I absolutely loved the first episode and most of the second episode. Keeping in mind that I’ve only just finished watching the first season. It does feel as it started very strongly, with a lot of action and the plot actually moving forward. It felt as if the characters spend a lot of time just hanging around with a few short spurts of action.Given how action packed the first epsiode was it creates a different feel.

Frankenstein seems to spend a lot of time just staring at his original creature out of a window and not doing a single thing to solve the problem! The creature is following him around demanding that Frankenstein makes him a bride and the doctor just seems to spend a good five episodes staring out of a window at his creature rather than actively trying to solve the problem he has.

I am planning on watching the remaining two seasons of Penny Dreadful, on the strength of the first two episodes, and wanting to know what actually happens to them in the end. I do think it suffers from having a absolutely wonderful first episode, which it never really lived up to in the rest of the series. I am enjoying so far. It certainly helps that I’m a massive horror fan. I also think that they’ve done the whole taking characters straight from various books and thrown them together surprisingly well!

I have been thinking, vaguely admittedly given that I haven’t actually gotten around to doing anything about it yet, about a “photo a week” type thing. I definitely do think that a “photo a day” would never happen, but a photo or a set of photos once a week wouldn’t be too much to do! It’s just a matter of finding interesting things to take photos of!

Anyway. when I was on Prince’s Wharf waiting for a friend to turn up so we could go and get something for lunch during her lunch break I saw one of the Maritime Museum Boats out in the harbor and thought I’d quickly take a few photos of it. I ended up taking a few than I originally planned to because it turned around and sailed back towards Princes Wharf after sitting in the same place for about five minutes… It’s a pity today’s cloudy and overcast as it would have looked a lot nicer with a bright blue sky and water.

Maratime Museum Boat (1)Maratime Museum Boat (2)Maratime Museum Boat (3)Maratime Museum Boat (5)Maratime Museum Boat (6)Maratime Museum Boat (7)Maratime Museum Boat (8)

Easter has been quiet for the most, but a group of us are going to the opening night of Antony and Cleopatra at The Pop Up Globe tonight! ๐Ÿ™‚ I had wanted to go and see Titus as well but we missed that one – I probably should have just gone alone.

I’m currently in the middle of this year’s Auckland Art Festival 2016 and I’ve been going to at least six different shows each week, with some variations depending on what shows they have ad what else I have to do. We did end up going to see the three “James Plays” by Rona Munro, which I really enjoyed and I ended up being pleased we decided to go see all three of them as I had been worried it might be a bit overwhelming to see all of them in less than a week.

James Plays

James Plays

There have been a lot of other shows too of course, in particular a lot of music and dance shows. I haven’t been to too many of the dance shows as I’m usually not that interested in them and only go if someone else is really keen to go to a certain show… I have pleasantly surprised by some of the shows other people have wanted to go to, which does show how high the quality the performances chosen are! ๐Ÿ™‚

In a way I do think I’m going pleased once it’s finished on the 2oth of March, so I can a mini break and spend a week “off” expect for the standard eating out with friends or family of course. I currently don’t have much planned for the two or so weeks after the festival has ended apart from the usual family meals, a couple of meals with friends, and one party being held by another friend so by the end of that I’m going to be wishing that I had more on!

I’ve been very busy over Christmas and New Year, due to the usual things relating to the run up to Christmas and then New Year and then going away for a couple of weeks. The weather has been odd here and has only just started to get nice and hot now that I’m back home again! ๐Ÿ™ Which didn’t help a holiday that was supposed to be able longing around on the beach that much.

That said I have been going swimming on Cheltenham Beach a lot over the last few days due to the high temperatures and humidity here. (At least I can’t complain about having a nice beach near my home!)

I am actually pissed off that Chris Cairns seems to have gotten off completely now that he was found not guilty in his last trialย  and that man suing him has decided to drop his case against Cairns >:( The fact that he is a self absorbed narcissistic douche bag still counts for something here in New Zealand at least.

Chris Cairns

Chris Cairns leaving the court in London.

The Chris Cairns trial does look like it’s going to be interesting to follow! I do think he’s very guilty though – I’d be annoyed if he isn’t found guilty and is then sent to jail. It is going to provide a reasonable amount of real life soap opera based entertainment over the next 6 or so weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ I do feel sorry for his wife though, she always comes across as being very much the meek and mild one and this is going to pretty much fuck her life completely too. (I can’t actually find a copy of the interview online – the closest was this rewrite).

But it was strongly implied that they were having trouble paying their bills, including their rent, on her wages and the cleaning jobs he was able to get after being fired(?) or just leaving his previous job as a commentator with the SKY sports TV channels. The fact that stuff like this also happening to her at the same time as her husband’s trial makes her life seem particularly fucked up to be blunt ๐Ÿ™

Her husband certainly isn’t coming across as being a nice person in the media. Given the share number of people saying that Chris Cairns is guilty during his trial isn’t a good look for him and one of the main reasons why I believe that he is without a shadow of the doubt guilty and that he deserves to go to jail. I don’t feel sorry for him but I do feel sorry for his wife, children and the rest of his family who are properly paying his way in London. (That’s one of the odd things I have been wondering about – how is paying for his living costs in London especially given that things like rent in London is bloody expensive and he and his wife are having trouble paying rent on one place in Auckland. Unless he’s staying for free with someone he’s got to be a painful finical drain on his family at the moment).